User Acceptance Testing explained in 8 GIFs

Not long ago we published the post “Bug tracking explained in funny GIFs“. We had a lot of fun writing it and got a lot of positive reactions. Therefore, we decided to write another post about a topic that is equally relevant to us: User Acceptance Testing. Many of our customers use Usersnap for User Acceptance Testing and we have written a few serious articles about this topic.

If you are new here: User Acceptance Testing is often the last step in software development. The idea is to test if a product works for the user. If you want to read more about how to get started with UAT we have some interesting articles for you. If are just here for the fun, read on! 🙂

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Please NEVER use these phrases when talking to developers

I’ll never forget the first time, I made a gaffe. I had no clue what my colleague was actually doing in his role of a web developer.

I had no experience in web development and somehow I just said: ”That cannot be that difficult, right?”

Ups. I just made a big mistake.

My colleague on the other side, simply looked annoyed. And a bit frustrated. So, please do me a favor, and avoid the following phrases. Simply avoid saying these things. Please.

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8 TED talks every web developer should watch

TED-Talks are fantastic, short introductions into new topics and perspectives. Everyone with internet access can dive into new stories and new worlds.

There is a huge variety of these talks out there, so that it can be a challenge to get an overview of what’s out there.

Therefore, we put our heads together and collected the eight different TED talks which every web developer should watch.

So, have fun watching and let us know in the comments if we any great ones are missing!

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The Basics of Modern Browser Testing!

About a year ago, we published this article on how to get started with browser testing in less than 2 hours. A bold statement, right?

Well, ever since a lot of things happened. New browsers appeared on the market and they got way more powerful.

So, today I’m going to show you everything you need to know about the state of art of browser testing. Plus: There’s also a free browser testing checklist for you to download.
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20 top designers to follow on Instagram

When Instagram started out it was a medium for the youngsters to share images and show what a good time they were having.

It has moved beyond its early adopters to a consumer-driven social media platform and now emerged as a professional’s visually driven network.

As a result, a growing number of designers are now taking to this medium to showcase their works.

So whether you’re a designer seeking for inspiration or a person looking to share your work, here is a compilation of the best boards to get inspired.

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How to be a faster programmer: 7 helpful tips for being faster & more successful.

A while ago, I published some ideas on how to become a faster programmer on Quora. Since then, people have left comments and wrote follow-up questions.

I think I have dipped into an interesting topic and decided to collect my tips in a blog post. I hope you’ll find it helpful and it will make your life as a programmer more productive.

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How to prioritize bugs? Behind the scenes of defect management processes.

Time management is key in most software development projects. Especially when a lot of bugs start to come in, features requests pop up and new feature releases are just around the corner, you might wonder how to manage the time of your developers most effectively.

And one of the first questions will be: How should I prioritize all these bug reports?
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The Best Developers and Designers to follow on Snapchat

Today, the third most used Internet app, Snapchat, has an estimated worth of 15 billion dollars.

Known once-upon-a-time as a social media connectivity tool only for celebs, gossipmongers, fashionistas and selfie-freaks, it has now been discovered by many others as well.

This mobile-only social network is not just great for personal interactions, but is a wonderful tool for businesses both large and small. Its usage has moved beyond just taking selfies. It has evolved into telling stories. And riding the new wave, many developers and designers now use Snapchat on a regular basis.
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