Speed up your QA bug tracking process in Jira

• Collect visual bug reports
• Easy use screenshots and annotations
• Technical environment context is added
• Connect to your project management tool

Atlassian products are integrated

Over 2,500 Jira users reported issues via Usersnap this month.

Microsoft is a happy customer of UsersnapFacebook is a happy customer of UsersnapCisco is a happy customer of UsersnapAirbus is a happy customer of UsersnapFastcompany is a happy customer of UsersnapLyft is a happy customer of UsersnapBridgestone is a happy customer of Usersnap

Move to agile testing with
real-time user feedback

Track visual bugs

Track visual bugs
Your users can take a screenshot of their issues inside your web app without any extra software, showing their problem with drawings and comments on it.

No per user licensing

Save Jira licenses
Have as many reporters as you want, you don’t have to purchase more user seat licenses in Jira. Reduce your QA costs.

Reproduce errors faster

Reproduce errors faster
Javascript errors appearing in your reporters’ web browser will automatically be recorded and added to the bug report. Gives amazing insights.

93% of Jira Software customers said they optimized their QA process after adding Usersnap.

Collect issues with
one click

Your users can draw and comment directly in the browser on items, bugs and issues. No need to use any image manipulation software or Powerpoint to annotate screenshots anymore. It’s the visual feedback and testing tool for your web projects and busy team.

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Collect issues with one click
screenshot commented inside Usersnap

Make your QA
& UAT faster

Get real-time feedback. Enable your QA team to report issues faster without leaving your website or application to file issues in another tool.

Help non-technical team members
Filling out Jira issue forms is quite complicated for non-technical people. Usersnap offers a simple button to submit a feedback with visual context to improve the quality of your bug reports.

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Save your
developer’s time

With Usersnap all issues filed to Jira are clear, with screenshot and all the technical context information to reference. Remove tedious questions like “which browser are you using?” from your development & testing processes.

Get technical context
If your engineers have all environment and context data attached to the tester’s feedback, such as URL, browser version, operating system, screen-size, etc., it’s way easier to understand your tester’s request.

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Getting technical environment information - Usersnap
screenshot commented inside Usersnap

Send & centralize bug reports in Jira without logging in

Once you connect Usersnap with JIRA, every time a feedback is created with Usersnap, you will get an annotated screenshot with the necessary browser information in your JIRA project automatically.

Bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page. Make it possible with Usersnap.

Customer-centricity made easy with Usersnap user feedback and insights tool, see case study with DivvyHQ, Canva and Hawaii Airlines

“Let me show you the smooth integration with Jira in a personal demo.”

Klaus-M. Schremser, Product Specialist of Usersnap
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Integration with Atlassian products

Within minutes, you can integrate Jira Software (cloud/on-premise), Jira ServiceDesk and Trello with visual bug tracking of Usersnap. You will need no technical support.

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Integration with Atlassian products
browser baruse various browsers

Test various devices and browsers

You can test your web projects in BrowserStack or similar apps and capture screens on various browser versions and operating systems. Your developers can easily re-produce issues in the same environment.

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Use a feedback widget or a browser extension for feedback

In case your testing users or you want to collect feedback on websites which do not have installed the feedback widget, use our browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

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Use browser extensions for visual feedback
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"Usersnap is one of our favorite app to use with Jira. It enhances our user feedback collection and bug reporting. With Usersnap we can deploy better versions of our products. Thanks, guys :)"

by Codeshaped on 2019-11-13 (Review from the Atlassian Marketplace)
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