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Over 16,000 companies are relying on Usersnap for collecting feedback along their product development lifecycle. We share the learnings about collecting customer feedback and building customer-centric products and processes with you.

Date: Nov 18th, 2021 Recorded, already happened

Webinar: Getting started with Usersnap

A simple way to collect and manage feedback. Learn how the #1 customer feedback platform Usersnap helps your business to thrive along the product development lifecycle. Collect feedback in your product, during beta-testing phases and for testing.

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Date: Nov 4th, 2021. Recorded, already happened

Webinar: Reduce QA/UAT time with a visual agile feedback process

How to establish an easy to use quality assurance (QA) or user acceptance testing (UAT) process into your agile projects? How to avoid annoying your developers with unclear bug reports and unnecessary communication.

In this webinar we’ll show you examples of how to set up such a process, that have proven to decrease project time.

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Webinar 3

Date: Oct, 2021. Recorded, already happened

Webinar: 240% more feedback from silent users

How can you use event-triggered questions to get silent customers to share feedback?

In this webinar we’ll show you examples of in-moment feedback flow, that have proven to increase feedback response rates. Also, you will learn the difference between passive and active feedback forms.

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webinar 1 - Usersnap

Date: Oct, 2021. Recorded, already happened

Webinar: Feature Request Forms and Prioritization 101

We have some tried-and-tested methods for SaaS and e-commerce PMs to gather evidence and build products with confidence.

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webinar 2 - Usersnap

Date: Sept, 2021. Recorded, already happened

Webinar: Implementing a Customer Feedback Workflow & Strategy

How to establish a customer feedback process for your SaaS product? In this 30 minutes we will go through the steps and tools for creating an engaging feedback loop.

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adrian brady - cx expert - webinar

Recorded, already happened

CX'er Huddle in the Feedback Tribe with Adrian Brady-Cesana

Adrian is an author, podcast host and experienced advisor at We looked into the 4 CX pillars you need for successful business operations: Team, Tools, Process, Feedback.

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break CX silos - webinar

Recorded, already happened

Breaking department silos to build great Customer Experience

Are your CX efforts not showing impact? Is your team working on customer journeys alone? Oh-uh. 3 experts from PM, CS, and marketing talks about collaboration and cross-functional metrics.
Harriet Kaufman from Mixpanel. Haymo Meran from Usersnap, Barbara Stewart from Hiya Marketing Consultancy

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AMA with Claire

Recorded, already happened

#AskMeAnything with Claire Boscq-Scott in the Feedback Tribe

Are your CX initiatives not moving forward as you expected? Maybe it's to do with your EX culture. EX = Employee Experience. Let's figure it out together with Claire Boscq-Scott, a rewarded customer experience thought leader, consultant & trainer of Caring Service Culture Programme and 3 times published author.

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