Deliver value by collecting
in-product customer feedback

Make it easy for your clients to submit feedback so you can prioritise the urgent bug fixes and product improvements.

Customer feedback - customer buying more


Microsoft - a Usersnap customer
Cisco - a Usersnap customer
Airbus - a Usersnap customer
Facebook - a Usersnap customer


Learn from your customer's feedback

It's difficult to understand your customers' issues when you are missing feedback information.

Prioritising bug fixes and improvements with the help of Usersnap will help you build products that your customers will love ❤.
collect customer feedback


what to improve
and build next

Collect customer feedback with a screenshot and annotations within your product.Usersnap provides product managers all the information to help them build the right features.

Direct all feedback into one central place.

Your customers' VIEW

See exactly what your customer sees

Get completed reports for fast reproduction of issues.

Stop chasing more information from your customer.
collect customer feedback


"We believe that feedback driven companies provide the best products to people. We help our customers make digital experiences exceptional."

Smart Search

Find any label, task or person and create smart lists for specific groups of bugs & issues.

Error Recording

Record Javascript errors as they happen, along with a host of other information needed for fast bug reproduction and debugging.

Context Capturing

Understand what browser, screen, device, or resolution your user had that lead to the specific bug.


Know when new bugs get reported or when progress or comments are being made on an issue.

customize your widget

Capture custom information that allow you to pinpoint the issue.

Workflow Friendly

Integrates into your current workflow so you can review, then push to your favorite tool.

What you'll love about Usersnap Classic

a visual, easy-to-use, bug tracking solution
a tool for exchanging
and ideas
a collaboration tool for developers
a productivity boost for your entire dev team

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“Integrating Usersnap into our review process has added tremendous value, clarity, and efficiency.”
Rachel Panush