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Feedback button & menu

Give your website or app a dedicated feedback button to receive issues and suggestions. Use the menu to lead customers to the right support and feedback option. Link your messenger chat, help page or other mediums for a streamlined process.

feedback menu of Usersnap
Design and branding customization.
Usersnap project settings
Automate feedback assignment.
Customer feedback button, widget and form
Visual user feedback, contextual screen captures, bug reports with video feedback

Capture videos & screenshots

Allow users to to draw and pin comments directly on their screens with the in-app widget. Technical context such as browser info, URL and javascript errors are automatically attached. Advanced screen rendering options for protected sites available.

Track flows with screen recordings ⟶
Usersnap custom user data fetched automatically
Send your application’s custom data along.
Attachment with Usersnap widget
Additional attachments also available.

Surveys with flexible targeting

Launch CSAT, NPS, polls and thumbs up/down surveys by user events, URL paths or time on page. Follow up with qualitative questions to gain insights on how you can create a memorable customer experience.

Find out more about microsurveys ⟶
annotated screenshots
Build single or multi-questions surveys.
customize questions
Target relevant users and track responses.
Short customer feedback surveys for websites, in-app and email
In-app and onsite customer feedback forms and pop-ups

Omnichannel experience

New! Interactive inline raters and forms for websites and emails, and single page link to share to anywhere.

Get more feedback, measure satisfaction and collect feature requests across channels and devices. Show your customers you care and build a memorable experience.

AI features for faster user insights

Our new AI features help free teams’ time to focus more on strategic tasks in product development. They speed up the feedback process by summarizing feedback items for every project, identifying high-urgency issues and frequently requested topics, and optimizing response times with AI-generated replies.

Check our more details about our AI features ⟶
have conversations with users
AI-suggested replies
Display status oon feedback roadmap board
AI-based smart labeling
Publish customer feedback list to share status and progress of your project
Customer feedback tracking dashboard

Labels, statistics & reply-tos

Analyze feedback trends to foster improvements and make wiser product decisions. Oversee all relevant feedback in one place with the inbox and triage faster with the split-screen view.

Or integrate with your project management tools ⟶
mobile sdk
Mobile app to manage feedback on-the-go.
Kanban view
Kanban view to triage status workflows

Request upvote board

Let customers see and vote on their suggestions by publishing the feedback list. Keep customers in the know of your progress and growth. Use labels to sort and prioritize your roadmap.

Check our our feature request board ⟶
have conversations with users
Comment threads for community feedback.
Display status oon feedback roadmap board
Add status to in-progress items.
Publish customer feedback list to share status and progress of your project

Bring feedback into your whole
team’s workflow


Integrate with tools you use daily

View Usersnap integrations ⟶

Additional features

code icon


Place the code snippet to your HTML just once to start your feedback adventure. Or use our Wordpress plugin.

alarm icon

Projects and notifications

Each feedback project has its own notification setting for you to focus on the most relevant info.

Spaces for teams and sites

Create spaces to organize your feedback projects for different sites and/or teams.

target relevant audiences

User permissions

Grant team members with different permission levels for your account, spaces, and projects.



Apply your brand’s colors, text fonts and logo to your feedback widgets and feedback reply emails to boost  brand’s credibility.

app windows

Browser extension

The Chrome and Firefox browser extensions allow you to capture and send feedback or ideas on any web page.


Cloud-based hosting

Usersnap is cloud-based so you don't have to worry about installation & maintenance.
ISO 27001 and SOC-2 certified hosting centers.


Security (GDPR, CCPA)

We value data safety and fulfill a variety of security measurements. 256-bit SSL protected, 100% GDPR compliant.


Data export

All data of your projects and tickets can be exported. You are the magician of the show.

Language support

Our feedback collectors support multiple languages for you to speak in your users’ most familiar tongue.



If you have an enterprise solution we don’t support, you can still connect Usersnap to your software using Webhooks.

Unlimited feedback

Whenever there’s feedback, we have your back! No matter the volume of feedback tickets... you pay the same.

Web content accessibility

We are committed to WCAG 2.1 AA standards for these project types: NPS and quick issue reporting.

Premium plan for global teams

Self-service premium plan to fulfil enterprise solutions without the hassle of talking to a sales representative.

mobile sdk of Usersnap

Mobile application SDK

Implement native feedback forms to your mobile applications. Streamline insights and requests of all devices to one single place.

Personalized demo on how to use customer feedback software

Learn how collect feedback about pains and needs of your users to build better products?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts ⟶

Collect feedback,
ship better & faster.

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