Improve your
e-commerce store with user feedback

Make it easy for customers or testers to submit visual feedback directly on your
e-commerce website. Prioritize urgent bug fixes and improvements for your e-shop.

Improve your e-commerce storee-commerce - visual feedback

Use feedback to reduce abandonment in your online shop

Customers abandon their shopping carts if they are not happy with their online shopping experience. Make it easy for customers to send feedback.

Usersnap collects visual feedback with important information such as browser used, screen size and URL to help you understand and fix customer issues.

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"If you want to speed up your development cycle, I can recommend Usersnap. Having a feedback tool in place which delivers understandable feedback and bug reports is priceless. And: the customer service is fast and excellent. Kudos!"

Jörg Sutara, Paymill
See exactly what your customers see.

See exactly what your customers see

Get a screenshot with annotations of exactly what your customer sees on his browser. Have all the information you need to solve issues faster.

Reduce time wasted asking customers for more information. Start fixing and improving your e-commerce site with feedback collected with Usersnap.

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Usersnap customer: reduces feedback cycles in the testing phase for new versions of their online-store by using Usersnap in collecting feedback from testers.

Get understandable bug reports for your online-store developers. screenshot
Usersnap backend - detail view

Increase customer satisfaction

If you offer customers a quick and easy way to send feedback right inside your
e-commerce site, you can avoid negative feedback on your social media channels. Make it easier for them to get in touch.

More happiness means more revenue.


Happy Usersnap customers

Usersnap works with existing tools of your feedback process

Embed the Usersnap feedback widget on your website and connect to your favorite tools.

Start receiving user feedback and visual bug reports in Jira, Basecamp, Asana or Slack.

Usersnap integrations

Increase customer satisfaction and
e-commerce revenue

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Features tailored to e-commerce needs

Customizable feedback widget

Adapt the widget to your brand and integrate it into your websites.

Screenshot with comments

See the visitor's comments visually with screenshot and annotations.

Client-side error recording

Get Javascript errors for fast bug reproduction and debugging.

Understand what your user see

See exactly what your users see.  
Get a browser screenshot without installing any plugin.

Use your existing workflow

30+ integrations available. Automatic or selective transfer to your project management or issue tracking tool.

Powerful dashboard

Everything your team needs to manage bugs and feedback. Collaborate, organise, label, search, prioritise.

Support for responsive websites

Usersnap works seamlessly on all primary browsers on both desktop, tablet & mobile.

All the context data available

URL. Operating system. Screen resolution. Browser version.

Get notified on new issues.

Never miss a critical bug again. Receive bug reports & user feedback inside Slack and Intercom.

What our customers say

Rachel Panush

"We use Usersnap for all our projects. It’s great that Usersnap captures browser and device information to help us to debug reported issues."
Tony Stillwell

“The instant visual feedback we get from Usersnap has helped us tremendously for our product development.”
Franz Tretter

"As a company with a wide range of apps & services we rely on tools like Usersnap to make our feedback workflow better."

Get visual user feedback and
optimize your testing process

Yunchi Luo, Compass. Happy Usersnap customer
Yunchi Luo
Tech Lead at Compass

“Usersnap has significantly reduced our response time to fixing bugs, while it's integration with Desk makes managing feedback from our users easier, too. Consider the Compass engineering team impressed.”

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