Testing Product Names for SaaS: How to Choose Names for New Features

Having a great SaaS name places you in a great location on this map, closer to your target customers and farther away from your competitors, which is exactly what your unique brand needs.

Choosing the best name for your SaaS product can delicately position your brand to customers by understanding their needs and appealing to their emotions while communicating your brand values. Basically, the best SaaS name understands and speaks the customer’s language, and if you’re not sure how to do that, then keep reading!

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Track feature requests & read customer feedback on Slack: what we do at Usersnap

Tracking feature requests from customers is a blessing, and also a nightmare for Product Managers. You want to know the needs and new ideas from your customers. So you love hopping onto different pages to hunt them down, hitting F5 to refresh the list every hour. I’m only kidding.

We at Usersnap believe the voice of customers should be the driver of product development. And our Slack integration 2.0 allows you to track customer requests timely in a streamlined fashion. 

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Top 6 Translation Management Tools for Software Builders

As a business, we’re regularly trying new products and tools to help us with our software development.

Especially when building customer-centric products, the software text matters. Providing software in our customer’s native language impacts the user experience a lot. 

Therefore, we evaluated different platforms for software localization and wanted to share some of our findings.

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12 Easy-To-Apply Tips To Boost Customer Feedback Response Rate

Are you having a hard time scaling your customer feedback response rate? You’re not alone.

Getting customers to respond to feedback requests is a challenge for businesses of all stripes. According to Customer Experience Magazine, only 1 out of every 26 disgruntled customers will take the time to provide you with feedback. The rest will simply take their business somewhere else. 

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A 6-Step Guide to Web Application Testing

More and more web applications are being developed these days. And with each line of code being written, the potential for bugs arises.

Generally speaking, the costs of fixing bugs increase exponentially the later you find them.

The Systems Sciences Institute at IBM found that “the cost to fix an error found after product release was 4 to 5 times more than one uncovered during design, and up to 100 times more than one identified in the maintenance phase”.

And a study by the University of Cambridge found that software bugs cause economic damage of $312 billion per year worldwide.

These numbers highlight the importance of finding bugs as early as possible and to thoroughly test an application before it is released.

That is where web application testing comes in. Web application testing usually consists of multiple steps that ensure that an application is fully functional and runs smoothly and securely. It is an essential part of web development and ensures that an app is running properly before its release.

We put together a 6-step guide, which should give you an overview of what kind of tests to run to test your app.

Let’s get started!

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GitLab vs GitHub: Key differences & similarities

This article is brought to you by Usersnap. Usersnap helps you to communicate visually. And the best part? It connects with GitLab and GitHub. Get a 15-day free trial here.

Version Control repository management services are a key component in the software development workflow. In the last few years, GitHub and GitLab positioned themselves as handy assistants for developers, particularly when working in large teams.

With the latest release of GitLab 10.0, GitLab took a major leap forward from code management, to deployment and monitoring. GitLab calls it Complete DevOps. They aim for the entire software development, deployment, and DevOps market.

That means when talking about the differences and similarities of GitLab vs GitHub, we need to look beyond code repositories and take a look at the entire process.


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25 Tools for Website Feedback Widget and How to Set It Up

Getting user feedback is key to SaaS product growth (or any company’s growth, for that matter.)

And a seemingly small thing like placing a user feedback button on your website or in your app can go a long way for your product.

Placed strategically, easy to spot, and asking the right question, it can help you improve your product roadmap and customer service.

Let’s look at some of the tools you can use to create the best feedback button for your website and application.

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7 Usersnap Collaboration Tips to Manage Customer Feedback Loops with a Visual Twist + Most Requested Feature Release!

Rejoice, do a celebration dance, insert high-five emojis… visual customer feedback just entered a new league with the Attachment feature.

Don’t stop at collecting feedback, manage it like a pro

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The Only Comparison List of Best Customer Feedback Tools You Need

Did you know that 73% of consumers state that customer experience is a crucial factor for determining whether to do business with a company or not?

Additionally, 84% of companies that actively work on improving the customer experience they provide see increased revenue as a result of their efforts.

This makes it crucial that you work on improving your product or service, as well as providing a better experience for your customers.

To be able to do this, you need to know how customers feel about your product and the service you provide, as well as find out what you could do to improve.

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