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Visual feedback helps your QA processcollect feedback
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Test some of our customer feedback widgets

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Feedback menu

Allow customers to browse and choose from a menu of various feedback projects. Link your service chat and documentation with a simple configuration.

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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys help you measure experiences with star or smiley ratings and determine how to best improve your products and service.

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Customer engagement

Offer like/dislike micro-interactions to understand your customers. The simple polarity selection is proven to have high engagement.

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Get Ratings & Qualitative Feedback

Use NPS, CSAT, CES and binary rating systems to measure customer happiness. Follow up with a dynamic open-ended question to understand "why" customers think this way.

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Get a customer health score
  • Streamlined feedback process
  • Resolve issues and ship faster
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customer satisfaction

Increase Customer Engagement

Flexible triggers allowing you to ask feedback at the right moment will boost response rate. Customize the widget to fit your branding and theme.

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Gain Insights to Highlights & Trends

Relevant statistics for you to quickly grasp customers' needs and evaluate your efforts. Knowing when and how to change will lead you to success.

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graphs + statistics
meta data of Usersnap feedback
Screenshots & Screen Recordings

See it, fix it.

Your users can send in annotated screenshots or screen recordings directly in your web app or website. Metadata such as URL, device, browser info and javascript errors are included.

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Closing the loop

Respond to Feedback Easily

Close the feedback loop by replying to customers or other actions directly in the feedback inbox. Less hassle on management, more time for growth.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

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Test our quality assurance widgets now

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Bug tracking widget

Enjoy multiple annotation tools to point out the issue on your screenshot.

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Beta testing widget

Give testers an easy way to send in feedback to get more valuable insights.

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Screen recording widget

No more misunderstandings. Use screen recording to show issues.

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What types of feedback can you collect with Usersnap?

Canva’s case study


Communicating visual matters with users
Unsolicited customer feedback sources.
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Streamlining internal bug tracking with efficiency

“Usersnap allows us to get feedback more often and more precise ever since we adopted it. This really helps us to iterate faster on our design community's needs.”

Joscha Feth, Engineer


215% increase
in customer feedback submission
Improved efficiency
by streamlining and automating tickets.
Raised customer satisfaction
by allowing for in-app feedback.
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tony stillwell, divvyhq

“Listening and hearing our customers has been a priority for us at DivvyHQ out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain”

Tony Stillwell, VP of Customer Experience, DivvyHQ
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Build better products
with customer feedback

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