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You can avoid slow client feedback and provide a clear, visual approval process with Usersnap.

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Solve issues faster

Get feedback where it happens, directly in your browser. Offer your clients and testers an easy tool for sending in bugs and feedback without further explanation.

No endless conversations over bug reports for your developers ever again.

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Real-time discussions for faster solutions

Live comments allow you and your team to resolve issues faster and better. No need to jump around different tools, and definitely no more email threads, for bug tracking and client communication.

Streamline ticket discussion in one platform and resolve feedback promptly.

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Successful teams collect feedback with Usersnap

Public ticket portal for clients to track progress

External users can access the Guestlist view with just their emails. With ticket status visible, your clients can check the progress easily. Carry out discussions in the live comment section.

Keep your clients calm.

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Save time & hassle for your project managers

By removing the back and forth in the communication with your client, you can save your project managers' and designers' time.

Project managers can finish your projects faster.

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Customer Success Story

The White Label Agency is using Usersnap

"A really great feature of Usersnap is that it automatically captures the used browser, URL, and screen size for each snapshot.”

Bobby King, The White Label Agency

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Get the screen size and browser version with every screenshot

Receive metadata like screen resolution, browser, OS, location and console log  automatically with each of your bug reports.

Save your developers' time by not having to ask your clients.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

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Integrate with your favorite tools

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2 Million

Feedback items collected

3 Billion

End users reached

Features tailored to agency's needs

Customizable feedback widget

Adapt the widget to your brand and integrate it into your websites.

Screenshot with comments

See the visitor's comments visually with screenshot and annotations.

Client-side error recording

Get Javascript errors for fast bug reproduction and debugging.

Understand what your user see

See exactly what your users see.  
Get a browser screenshot without installing any plugin.

Use your existing workflow

30+ integrations available. Automatic or selective transfer to your project management or issue tracking tool.

Powerful dashboard

Everything your team needs to manage bugs and feedback. Collaborate, organise, label, search, prioritise.

Support for responsive websites

Usersnap works seamlessly on all primary browsers on both desktop, tablet & mobile.

All the context data available

URL. Operating system. Screen resolution. Browser version.

Get notified on new issues.

Never miss a critical bug again. Receive bug reports & user feedback inside Slack and Intercom.

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