Asana + Usersnap

Usersnap is the place for all your bug reports, feature requests, customer feedback. Send them to Asana and manage your issues there.

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Empower Asana projects with visual feedback

Asana + Usersnap integration
Usersnap allows your testers and users to take browser screenshots and make annotations directly in the browser. The feedback ticket will appear in Asana automatically. Effortless communication begins today.
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Why connect Asana with Usersnap?

Directly create Asana tasks on your website

Your users or testers can just point and click on the issue with Usersnap. And the project team will receive the visual feedback as a task in Asana.

No more uploading files and switching between tools.
Usersnap in action

Easy to understand tasks

The integration will create tasks instantly with the annotated screenshot and important browser information. Such as device, browser version, screen size, console logs, sender's email... etc.

All the information you need in one glance.
Asana task list

Streamline your
QA + UAT workflow

Bring the feedback from your developers, designers, testers and clients all onto Asana. Usersnap has no limit for feedback senders and tickets.

Save time for yourself to manage more important work.
Usersnap offers unlimited feedback items to Asana

Streamline your QA
and feedback process

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