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Asana + Usersnap integration

Why connect Asana with Usersnap?

Send annotated screenshots &
bug reports to your Asana projects

Bug tracking, browser testing and issue tracking with Usersnap was never easier.

Point and click issue reporting helps you get visual feedback and additional information faster into your Trello board.
Usersnap in action

Get feedback, bugs & tasks inside Asana

Once you connect Usersnap with Asana, an annotated screenshot with important browser information is sent to your Asana project every time a feedback is created with Usersnap.

Bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page.
Make it possible with Usersnap.
Asana task list

Fix & reproduce bugs faster
with Usersnap

Usersnap creates bug reports with annotated screens along with additional information and records advanced client-side JavaScript errors as they happen.

No endless back and forth bug reporting for your users ever again.
Console recorder in Usersnap

How to set up Usersnap with Asana?


Register for a Usersnap account.

Get your Usersnap account 
and set up your first Usersnap project.

Embed the feedback widget on your site or web app.

Install Usersnap on your site/web app or use our browser extensions to receive bug reports and feedback.

Connect Usersnap to your
Asana project.

Get your tasks directly in Asana for every feedback created with Usersnap. 

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Visual user feedback makes testing so much easier.

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