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Successful teams collect feedback with Usersnap

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Measure customer experience and customer success.

Know your customers better than ever before, giving them a feedback menu and quantifying their satisfaction. Engage with customers directly in the Usersnap inbox or integrate Usersnap with your favorite CS tools.

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Improve the user journey, from landing page to subscription.

Show tailored pop-ups to website visitors, at the right place and right time. Collect feedback to optimize conversion rates, uncovering both their pains and delights.

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plan your roadmap
Product insights

Get product feedback, research, and measure satisfaction.

Collect feature requests, beta test for feedback, and make better product decisions. Organize, build, and adjust your roadmap based on validated customer needs.

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Test, iterate, ship.

Move quickly from “project ready” to “project shipped”. Do user acceptance testing (UAT) with selected customers to see if it does what it should.

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Self service

Direct users to the right place.

Manage incoming feedback, display a menu to help directing users to the relevant feedback collector. Link your service chat or documentation with a simple configuration.

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Quality assurance

Easily streamline bug reporting.

Anyone can send the perfect bug report, with screenshots, annotations and metadata included. Understand tickets, forward them to your favorite backlog tool and save valuable time.

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