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Make security matter

Security and protection of our customers’ data is important to us at Usersnap. Our team takes securing your data very seriously and we are constantly working on improving the protection of your valuable data.

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Further Information

- our secure system architecture
- our hosting data centers
- latest versions and security patches
- penetration and vulnerabilities scans
- redundant services and failover
- firewalls

Your data
- Data storages
- compliance with GDPR
- Privacy policy
- Data segregation and data access
- Backups & disaster recovery
- LogsAuthentication & Login
- Passwords & sessions
- Federated Services & Single Sign On (SSO)
- Multi-factor authentication
- Monitoring
- Permissions and roles

- Secure transport via HTTPS
- Encryption in transfer & at rest

Security in Software Development
- Code Reviewing

Additional Security Measures
- Policies
- Business Continuity Plan
- Corporate Security Policies
- Office Security
- Incident response
- Security training
- Background checks
- Confidentiality
- Payment processing & PCI compliance