Usersnap as a Bugzilla alternative

Bugzilla is a popular bug tracking & defect tracking software. It has a broad range of features, and is free to use. So why look for an alternative? First, Bugzilla's user interface is not very user-friendly. It requires some comprehensive skill set to get used to Bugzilla's interface. Second, Bugzilla is a comprehensive system offering you wikis, forums, and other features.

As a small to mid-sized business, using Bugzilla might just be an overhead. Especially if you just look for an easy-to-use bug tracking system. Third, Bugzilla is hard to use for non-developers, and not so tech-savvy people. If you are looking for a Bugzilla alternative, the Usersnap bug tracker is an ideal replacement. Here's a detailed feature comparison between the two:


Free to use

Project & issue tracking features

Defect management


Third party integrations


Free for 15 days

Project & issue tracking features

Defect management


Third party integrations

Single page application support

Screen capture & annotation tools

Simple usage for non-developers

The traditional way of bug reporting

Bugzilla is a great bug tracking tool with various features. However, traditional bug reporting is not a fun experience. Long forms and various options to choose from.

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bugzilla alternative from usersnap

The modern way of bug reporting

Report bugs directly in your browser. Usersnap makes tracking bugs easy. With point-and-click annotation tools, Usersnap helps you report bugs where they happen: in your browser. No need to switch to a bug reporting application or to fill out endless forms.

Bugzilla Pros

  • Great system for extensive defect management
  • Modifications & customizations
  • Open source community

Bugzilla Cons

  • Great investment & comitment up-front
  • Old school user interface
  • Not SMB-friendly
  • No screen capture feature

Usersnap Pros

  • Great system for small- & mid-sized teams
  • Easy setup & simple to use
  • Screen capture
  • Additional meta information to every bug report

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