Canva Streamlines Its Feedback Process With Usersnap



Raised customer satisfaction by allowing for in-app feedback through screenshots and annotation.


Encouraged 215% more customer feedback submissions globally in 6 months.


Improved efficiency for feedback loop by streamlining and automating tickets.

Meet Canva and Team

Canva is an online design and publishing tool which gives people the power to create stunning graphics by using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Users can either choose between numerous templates or start a new session from a blank slate. Simply drag and drop graphics, shapes, images, text and more into a new design.

Joscha Feth, engineer at Canva, is passionate about their mission of empowering everyone to design anything and publish anywhere, and  knows that user feedback is vital in achieving the company’s goal.
"I used Usersnap in my previous company, where it worked well. After a short trial, we decided to adopt it here at Canva."
Canva rejuvenates its feedback process using UsersnapCanva customer support efficiency improved with Usersnap visual feedback widgetCanva developers and product managers love Usersnao

The challenges

As a customer-centric company, Canva places user feedback at top priority. The nature of their user-friendly interface aimed at non-technical users needed an easy to use in-product feedback platform to match in terms of convenience.

1. Communicating graphical matters with users

When users require additional support or have suggestions to share, the original feedback method was through exchanging text messages via email or social media, which are managed 24/7. To fully take advantage of every piece of user feedback, Canva wanted to empower their design community to share as much detail as possible in the first interaction and with minimal effort, so support staff and engineers can fully understand customers needs.

2. Unsolicited customer feedback sources

With the fast growth of Canva, hitting over 15 million users in 2019, the amount of feedback also multiplied. Users would go on social media to send messages, or write emails to give suggestions. As Canva cares to welcome all commentaries, they seek to streamline the feedback and empower customers to communicate with them within the product as often suggestions for new features and improvements is in the context of the current product.

3. Internal bug tracking efficiency

Upon receiving product feedback or conducting testing, the tickets created would cycle between the product managers and engineers. As Canva is a design and graphic tool, visual information as well as technical data are essential to streamline improvements. Visual aid helps to ensure efficiency.

The Solution

Easy to implement feedback tool designed for both users and developers

Usersnap provides an easy to integrate feedback tool designed with both the user and the developer in mind. By integrating Usersnap’s visual feedback tool, both the development team and the customers can enjoy a streamlined feedback experience.

Report an issue with Canva powered by Usersnap Feedback Widget

How Usersnap unlocked more customer feedback

Streamline in-app feedback – Customers are able to submit any feedback straight from the website, without having to navigate to 3rd party platforms such as emails to send through their suggestions.

Canva has millions of page views every month. The help widget is always displayed for feedback and guidance. With such a high impact, it is vital to create an easy to use and pleasant customer feedback loop.

Report an issue with Canva powered by Usersnap Feedback Widget

Intuitive Interface
– Usersnap comes up as soon as the ‘Provide Feedback’ button is clicked. A small window in the bottom left screen enables the user to send a message to the customer support team. If users are logged in then their email would be auto-filled.

Report an issue with Canva powered by Usersnap Feedback Widget

– Users will be able to send through a screenshot of their current view to the customer support team when they press ‘Send’ in the message box. This feature has been warmly welcomed by users and helped boost the number of feedback by 215% globally.

Annotations – Multiple tools allow users to annotate the screen in various ways. Those include Highlights, Blackouts, Notes, Comments, Arrows and Free drawing.

Report an issue with Canva powered by Usersnap Feedback Widget

Increased satisfaction
– The above tools enable users to express themselves more easily where words would be more difficult.
Joscha Feth Canva success with Usersnap feedback widget
"Usersnap allows us to get feedback more often and more precise ever since we adopted it. This really helps us to iterate faster on our design community's needs."

How engineers are making efficient use of feedback

Clearer communication with users, increased efficiency in resolving support tickets, easier integration of feedback. Usersnap adds value to Canva by reducing the time invested by engineers when analyzing user submissions.
Visualize Reports – When engineers sees the screenshots and annotations from the users’ views, it allows them to clearly capture the essence of the feedback.

"Visual feedback is extremely helpful. It removes ambiguity and allows developers to understand the feedback even if it’s in Arabic or Korean. Additionally it also eases the process of giving feedback for our users. Its a visual win-win."
Integrations – All feedback and support tickets are seamlessly loaded into Canva’s development tools, saving them the time previously invested in manually collating and inputting information. Screenshots and comments submitted by users are pushed directly into Slack and Zendesk.

Metadata – Any submission through Usersnap provides all required data from the user’s device such as screen resolution, browser version and operating system. This enables engineers to identify whether users are having issues with their browser or operating system specific.

Customer Success Story from Usersnap
Joscha Feth

"The in-app annotation feedback via Usersnap is accurate and fast. It also includes invaluable metadata that helps us analyse the problem better. Usersnap helped us shorten the customer support cycle and thus plays an important role in maintaining and improving the usability of our product."
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