Why choose Usersnap over Userback

Find out why so many customers are switching from Userback to Usersnap - get rid of inaccurate screenshots and streamline your quality assurance and approval process

Usersnap in action

Using Usersnap as a Userback alternative

Userback tries to be a visual bug tracking & issue tracking system.

Why look for an alternative?

Userback is a nice bug tracking solution and you can get feedback on images. If you are looking for an extensive user feedback platform which covers many feedback use cases take a look at Usersnap.

These feedback widgets will get your organization the qualitative feedback that will make your product successful for ...

Don't get caught in a trap with a reduced functionality.

Usersnap is the Go-to solution for visual user feedback and collect customer feedback.

Userback Pros
System for freelancers
➕ some special features (including video recording on Chrome)

Userback Cons
❌ Few plugins & integrations
❌ Australian company, difficult in terms of GDPR

✅ Great system for small- & mid-sized teams
✅ Great fit for enterprises
✅ Easy setup & simple to use
✅ Accurate screen capture
✅ Wide variety of feedback use cases
✅ Hundreds of integrations with other solutions
✅ #1 go-to solution for user feedback

Read and watch why Jimmy Rose from Content Snare chose Usersnap over UserBack and Bugherd.

Collecting visual feedback for websites or SaaS with Usersnap

"The process with Usersnap is insanely easy. The client just clicks this widget, draws a box and types in their feedback."

Comparison Userback vs. Usersnap


  • → Free for 14 days
  • → Project & issue tracking
  • → Lists
  • → 1 visual user feedback use case
  • → 13 integrations


  • → Free for 15 days
  • → Project & issue tracking
  • → Custom lists & free guest access
  • → 14+ QA and CX feedback use cases
  • 2,000+ integrations
  • → Accurate screen capture
Annotated screenshots

Annotated screenshots

Let your testers add comments, annotations and even draw on your websites and give their feedback as it happens. It's so easy, you don't even have to explain how it works.

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Why people use the Userback alternative from Usersnap?

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