Usersnap as a Pastel alternative

Try one of the best alternatives to Pastel and collect visual feedback and annotate screens with Usersnap.

Usersnap in action

Using Usersnap as a Pastel alternative

Pastel is a feedback tool for building websites. By sharing a canvas link of your website, a user can leave comments for your team.

Usersnap is a better alternative to Pastel.

There is no need to send a link to your team members or clients. With Usersnap installed on a website, anyone can create annotated screenshots, add comments and send visual feedback to your team.

Usersnap creates accurate screenshots of what your client actually sees with helpful metadata and automatically sends them to your integrations like Jira, Trello, Github and many more.

Comparison Pastel vs. Usersnap


  • → Free to use for public projects
  • → Issue tracking features
  • → Agile boards
  • → Web-based or self-hosted
  • → 18 third party integrations


  • → Free for 15 days
  • → Issue tracking features
  • → Project tracking features
  • → Agile boards
  • → Web-based
  • → 20+ Third party integrations
  • → Single page application support
  • → Screen capture & annotation
  • → Easy usage for non-developers


Happy Usersnap customers
Annotated screenshots

The modern way of bug reporting

Report bugs directly in your browser. Usersnap makes tracking bugs easy. With point-and-click annotation tools, Usersnap Classic helps you report bugs where they happen: in your browser.

No need to switch to a bug reporting application or to fill out endless forms.

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