Bugherd alternative

Try one of the best alternatives to Bugherd and collect screenshots and comment screens with the visual bug tracking tool from Usersnap.

Using Usersnap as a Bugherd alternative

Bugherd is a visual bug tracking & issue tracking system.

So why look for an alternative?

Bugherd is great for element-based bug reporting, however when it comes to visual bug reports, Usersnap might be a better alternative. Especially when it comes to screenshots and the user's context when reporting a bug, Usersnap logs client-side errors and attaches the browser screen automatically.

Furthermore, Bugherd only offers a limited number of 3rd party integrations. If you want to connect your bug tracking tool with your project management or chat solution, there might be no integrations for you available.

Bugherd Pros
→ Great system for freelancers
→ Element-based bug reporting

Bugherd Cons
→ Doesn't capture entire user screen
→ Few plugins & integrations

How Usersnap is better than Bugherd

Annotated screenshots

Annotated screenshots

Let your testers add comments, annotations and even draw on your websites and give their feedback as it happens. It's so easy, you don't even have to explain how it works.

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User feedback surveys

Run micro-surveys in addition to get more insights and engagement with your users. Usersnap offers 14+ ready-to-use feedback templates, such as feature request forms and beta testing invitations.

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Annotated screenshots

Comparison Bugherd vs. Usersnap


  • → Free for 14 days
  • → $49/month for 10 users
  • → Project & issue tracking features
  • → Custom kanban boards & lists
  • → File storage limits (10 + 50 GB)
  • → 7 integrations


  • → Free for 15 days
  • → $69/month for 10 users
  • → Project & issue tracking features
  • → Custom kanban boards & lists
  • → No file storage limits
  • 25+ integrations
  • → Screen capture

Why people use the Bugherd alternative from Usersnap?

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