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  • Designed for product specific feedback
  • Streamline ideation to validation
  • Increase user testing speed and quality
  • Build precise and user-centric solutions
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Why is Usersnap the better alternative you need than Bugherd?

Easy setup and onboarding
Get started with 20+ templates (beta test, PMF survey, etc.)
Easily manage widgets across multiple sites
Customizable widget design and tools to suit non-technical users
Capture various data (screen recording, console log, multiple choice
questions, sentiment, etc)
2-way, native integrations to automate workflows
Statistics dashboard with automated insights
SSO, 2FA, and user management capabilities for large teams
100% GDPR and CCPA compliant (Europe-based)

What companies actually said...

"We were using Bugherd to QC (quality check) and maintenance our clients’ websites.

But we were limited in formats of communication, while with Usersnap we can easily exchange feedback with screenshots and annotations. Which is great for our non-English speaking stakeholders.

Another issue is that Bugheard does not integrate with Asana - which we use for everything else. We love the way Usersnap allows multiple users to provide feedback and how it integrates with Asana!"

User feedback templates Bugherd doesn't offer

New feature poll

New feature poll

Validate with customers if the features you plan to build next are useful and exciting to them. A small feedback goes a long way!

Use this template ⟶
Bug tracking widget

Bug tracking widget

Get full visual bug reports, with annotated screenshots or videos. Reduce the effort in communication and troubleshooting.

Go to this template ⟶
Customer satisfaction widget

Customer satisfaction widget

Measure specific features or experiences with stars or emoji scales - it's easy to rate and encourages additional feedback.

Use this template ⟶


less time in QA/UAT process


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