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Discover streamlined bug collection, tracking, and feedback management with Usersnap—the premier alternative to Qualaroo. Seamlessly capture screenshots, annotate screens, and streamline your bug reporting and feedback processes with Usersnap's intuitive platform.

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Microsoft and UsersnapErste Group and UsersnapBBC and UsersnapWP Engine and UsersnapRed Hat and UsersnapTrendyol
Microsoft and UsersnapErste Group and UsersnapBBC and UsersnapWP Engine and UsersnapRed Hat and UsersnapTrendyol
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Why is Usersnap the better alternative compared to Qualaroo?

Easy setup and onboarding
Usersnap is the top rated Bugherd alternative


Flexible form builder with conditional questions
Qualified advantage
unique feature of Usersnap
Screen capture tools with annotation and audio recording
Qualaroo does not have but Usersnap does
Customizable button, menu, widget, survey, email design
Feedback enrichment (user attributes, engagement history, etc)
Guest portal for public upvote or personal ticket tracking
2-way, status-sync integrations for Jira, Azure DevOps, etc.
Feedback analysis dashboard with AI-assisted cateogrization
Personal onboarding and 1st year money back guarantee*


less time in the approval process


Web and software agencies used Usersnap

See why Content Snare picked Usersnap
over the competitors

Native integrations with Jira, Azure,
Slack, Asana, Trello, etc.

Integrate with your favorite tools

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Usersnap: all-in-one feedback platform

Explore Usersnap, the best alternative to Qualaroo. Integrated seamlessly into your website, Usersnap removes the need for link sharing in feedback processes.

With Usersnap, effortlessly create annotated screenshots, add comments, and send visual feedback. Usersnap's precision in capturing feedback and issues, along with automatic integration with platforms like Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello, GitHub, and more, sets it apart.

Bid adieu to the limitations of Qualaroo and welcome Usersnap for unparalleled feedback management.

Customize your user-centric growth with Usersnap

Qualaroo is a nice micro survey tool. But you need a more versatile feedback platform like Usersnap.

  • Visual capture tools to enhance communication
  • User testing widgets and validation surveys
  • Measure user satisfaction per feature, per segment
  • AI-assisted feedback categorization and summary
feedback menu

Other features to excel feedback management that Qualaroo does not offer


Place the global snippet to your HTML code just once to start your feedback adventure. Or use our Wordpress plugin.

Projects and notifications

Each feedback project has its own notification setting for you to focus on the most relevant info.

Pause/live control

Launch or pause your projects from the dashboard. Use the preview mode to test before going live.


Browse and work through the feedback in one clear view. Or switch to Kanban board view to manage progress.


Apply your brand’s colors and text fonts. Our public REST API allows you to style the feedback widget however you wish.

Browser extension

The Chrome and Firefox browser extensions allow you to capture and send feedback or ideas on any web page.

Cloud-based hosting

Usersnap is cloud-based so you don't have to worry about installation & maintenance.
ISO 27001 and SOC-2 certified hosting centers.

Security (GDPR, CCPA)

We value data safety and fulfill a variety of security measurements. 256-bit SSL protected, 100% GDPR compliant.

Data export

All data of your projects and tickets can be exported. You are the magician of the show.

Language support

Our feedback collectors support multiple languages for you to speak in your users’ most familiar tongue.


If you have an enterprise solution we don’t support, you can still connect Usersnap to your software using Webhooks.

Unlimited feedback

Whenever there’s feedback, we have your back! No matter the volume of feedback tickets... you pay the same.

Cut your project approval process by 50% today.

Trusted by thousands of software companies and agencies.

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