Usersnap Makes Website Feedback A Much Easier Process For Dynatrace

Usersnap provided a streamlined solution that works perfectly for Dynatrace internally to collect feedback on its website.

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"Usersnap makes managing website feedback a breeze. The set up is also really easy - the transition to a new widget design was just switching a button in the backend without complication or downloading a different snippet which just wowed me."

Gerald Haydtner, Web & Online Marketing Manager, Dynatrace


Streamlined feedback

Streamlined feedback into an easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to manage method.
Improved accuracy

Improved the accuracy of feedback tickets with screenshots and necessary information.
Closed feedback loops

Closed the feedback loop and increased speed of responses to the feedback submitter.

"In a global organization with over 2000 employees, an easy to use and streamlined feedback process, such as Usersnap’s tool, is essential to scale up internal feedback exchange."

Gerald Haydtner, Web & Online Marketing Manager, Dynatrace
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The solution

Usersnap provided a streamlined solution that works perfectly for Dynatrace internally to collect feedback on its website. By implementing the visual feedback tool, the Dynatrace team has been able to ensure they are presenting the best and most valuable information to their target customers. Those looking for comprehensive cloud monitoring.

Easy to implement widget that is also easy to use – Usersnap’s widget is built directly into the Dynatrace website with a simple script. Now there is no need to go through third-party email or messaging applications to send and receive bug reports and feedback from end users and internally.

An intuitive feedback process – Using the feedback collection tool from Usersnap is very simple and effortless, allowing all the Dynatrace website’s relevant stakeholders to quickly submit issues and suggestions through the onsite feedback button.

Being able to easily take screenshots and make on-screen annotations is also a huge advantage. Ensuring clear communication in the troubleshooting process and timely understanding of exactly what a user is suggesting through visual feedback.  

This proved to be especially helpful in the recent updates of several key pages on the website. Graphical issues, typos and formatting matters can be conveniently reported and addressed with the user-friendly visual feedback tool.

Feedback with accurate collection of metadata, browser info, screen size, and URL – Having this precise information helps Dynatrace to better understand bug reports and recreate the environment to conduct testing. It streamlines the process of resolving tickets that, if any information is missing or inaccurate, can quickly point out and solve the problem. Usersnap uncomplicates standardizing tickets and allows developers and customer care to access necessary data easily.

Project management made easier – Usersnap allows Dynatrace to improve project management efficiency. They can visually track task completion and assign tickets to the appropriate people quickly within the dashboard. The live conversations function also makes it easy to collaborate and resolve tickets in a timely manner.

Close the feedback loop – Dynatrace has been able to close the feedback loop with internal employees and colleagues who are submitting feedback. They can reply quickly via emails from the Usersnap interface.

Easily expand the feedback usage – With a modern and elegant design to the Usersnap widget that fits perfectly with Dynatrace’s new website and product design, as well as so much success utilizing the feedback platform internally, Dynatrace is looking to get more customer feedback from its product end users very soon. The team is looking forward to being able to quickly and easily collect user feedback such as NPS and use micro-surveys to understand user experience.

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