HubSpot Integrations: How to Power Up Your CRM As a SaaS!

You want to be competitive within your SaaS industry, no doubt. In order to accomplish this though, you have to level up your customer data platform like Hubspot. Using HubSpot integrations enriches the data and information you have about your customers, and can help you grow your SaaS business massively.

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How To Capture Video From Websites And Leverage It For Your SaaS Business

If you’re searching for a tool to capture video from a website to improve your support process, then most likely this is how your users typically send a question/complaint:

They find your “support@email” and write something vague, like: “My page loads funny and slow.”

You ask for more details; they reply back a few days. After 3 or 4 back-and-forths, the culprit turns out to be nothing more than the customer’s buggy add-on.

Next, you create an issue on Jira for a developer. And finally, you record a Loom video to demonstrate the solution to the customer.

Gosh, there’s got to be a better way to simplify customer feedback and support … and there is! Usersnap allows your customers to capture videos as bug reports or feedback directly on your website or web application. Show tech issues by screen recording and voice feedback instead of writing inaccurate explanations.

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17 extremely useful Chrome extensions for developers

A couple of months ago, we reviewed the new Firefox browser designed for developers. Since then most of our developers kept Google Chrome as their primary browser. Working with Chrome offers access to an immense repository of Chrome extensions and tools which make our daily tasks less of a chore. With the built-in developer tools, there seems to be no further need for more tools. However, I’d like to present you with 17 of the best Google Chrome extensions for developers.

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SaaS growth in 2023: Why tracking competitive advantage will NOT yield marketing leadership

Competitive analysis of current market offerings absolutely helps your SaaS company. However it isn’t the only thing, and perhaps a quite overrated approach to achieving SaaS growth. Not only is tracking the competition daunting, it doesn’t ensure the product chiseled and shaped will be used by YOUR user base. 

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15 Proven Product Survey Questions to Get the Best Insights in 2023

If you think you have a really great product, the success metrics shouldn’t lie: product usage up, churn down, more happy customers, increased MRR. Sounds easy on paper (or desktop), right? If you struggle knowing how great your product is, maybe product survey questions (and this article) can help.

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10 Excellent Open Source Bug Tracking Tools, by Usersnap

Over the last few years, developers got some superpowers. Or at least technologies such as open-source bug tracking enabled developers to do amazing things. And that’s incredible. That, combined with understanding user and customer feedback, has made devs more important than ever within a business.

However, there is one big challenge that comes with every new website or app. Something we – the tech-savvy people – call “a bug.” And those bugs are giving us, the developers, a hard time. And those bugs are the reason why we need to use bug-tracking systems in order to find, document, and solve these bugs.

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5 Types Of User Acceptance Testing

This article is brought to you by Usersnap, a user acceptance testing solution that helps you to communicate visually. Get a 15-day free trial here.

The methodology of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is pretty straight-forward. The implementation itself requires some in-depth knowledge on the available types of User Acceptance Testing, though.

User Acceptance Testing is the process of verifying that a created solution/software works for ‘the user’. This might sound easy enough but, in practice, it isn’t.

To make your journey into User Acceptance Testing a bit easier, we researched the 5 most common types of User Acceptance Testing you have to consider.

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25 Tools for Website, Mobile, and In-Product Feedback Widgets

Have you ever heard of a SaaS company that can say they have personally interacted with up to 50% of their users? Well, we at Usersnap have been able to do that with a simple feedback widget!

More than half of our customers have sent us feedback through our feedback widget. Our power users even send 2-5 feedback without any prompt every quarter!

In this article, you will learn about the website widgets that can be easily added to your web or mobile applications, as well as the best practices for feedback button UX.

For a SaaS product to grow and stay relevant (or any company’s growth, for that matter), you need to have a constant stream of customer feedback on the website and in-app. However, it’s way easier said than done. We will share how you can set up interactive widgets on websites and how to increase engagement for feedback sections on websites. By the end of this read, you will be ready to create a feedback button with a template.

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The Best 7 Typeform Alternatives for SaaS Companies Today

You know you need insights from users of your product, but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Does that sound like a familiar challenge? Luckily, you aren’t alone. Some folks resort to Typeform to help out in getting insights, which isn’t a bad choice at all. However, there are some Typeform alternatives to keep in mind. We know it is hard just collecting customer feedback, but then making decisions out of it becomes even tougher. Recently, we asked our own customers what their struggles were, and getting significantly more customer feedback was the 2nd biggest pain point that Usersnap helps them solve.

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