How to Capture or Record Video from Website for Feedback [Tips & Tools]

How to Capture or Record Video from Website for Feedback [Tips & Tools]

If you’re searching for a tool to capture or record video from a website to improve your support process, then most likely, this is how your users typically send a question/complaint:

They find your “support@email” and write something vague, like: “My web page loads funny and slow.”

You ask for more details; they reply in a few days. After three or four back-and-forths, the culprit turns out to be the customer’s buggy add-on.

Next, you create an issue on Jira for a developer. And finally, you record a Loom video to demonstrate the solution to the customer.

Gosh, there has to be a better way to simplify customer feedback and support… and there is!

Usersnap lets your customers capture videos as bug reports or feedback directly on your website or web application.

Show tech issues by screen recording videos and voice feedback instead of writing inaccurate explanations.

Video capture can transform the customer support experience – saving time, energy, and frustration for both you and your customer.

Let’s find out how exactly you can satisfy your customers’ feedback faster using video capture, plus some tools to help you do it. 

And if you’re still a newbie in SaaS and the feedback-driven approach to growing your product – first check out our comprehensive guide to the ABCs of customer feedback

Why Use Video Capture For Feedback?

Goodbye, bottomless support tickets. Visual and voice feedback capturing is a much more efficient way for customers to communicate their issues clearly. 

First, a video recording makes giving feedback quick and easy. While typing is time-consuming, video feedback takes just a few clicks. Plus, technical terminology can be a huge pain; using the right words is almost impossible, even for tech-savvy power users.

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Visual feedback allows your customers to just click, record, and send! 

Usersnap banner describing visual feedback USP

Getting to see exactly what the customer is seeing is a light-bulb moment for your support agents and developers.

It’s especially handy for complex screen flows that are tricky to describe in a static screenshot.

Furthermore, when the problem is only happening in a specific environment, ie your customer is using a buggy add-on, it will be easy for your devs to have the context to replicate the issue ASAP. No tedious follow-up emails are needed.

The thing is: a lot just doesn’t translate over an email. But by recording audio and video feedback, you can pick up on the customer’s tone, behavior, or urgency of their dilemma.

It’s also more personal and fun, which can go a long way in building customer relationships and customer loyalty!

When customers capture video from your website directly, it reduces work for you and you get better feedback faster. So you’ll slash your turn-around time for support items!

What’s the Difference Between Video Capturing and Recording Video from a Website?

While both of these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a key difference between the two.

When you record a video from a website, it means that you are recording what’s happening on the screen live.

On the other hand, a video capture from website requires you to use a camera to record a video manually.

That being said, website or recorded web video or capture is normally meant to be website recording using a tool.

Is Usersnap a Video Capturing or Website Recording Tool?

Usersnap is a comprehensive and user-friendly feedback collection tool that can act as a handy website video recording software.

This website video capture feature enables users to record a 3-minute online video show of the issue they are facing so they can clearly communicate what they mean in one go instead of going back and forth.

How to Record Videos from a Website Using Usersnap?

If you are wondering how to record videos from websites using Usersnap, then it should be noted that the web video capture tool makes it quite easy for your website visitors to capture video from URL. Here’s what you need to do to capture online videos:

  1. Click on the ‘Feedback’ button to open the pop-up toolbar.
  2. Now click the camera icon to capture video from a webpage and select what you are looking to share.
  3. Start to record video from a website.
  4. If you want to enable audio as well, click on the microphone icon.
  5. Once you are done, click the ‘stop’ button to finish the video recording.

How to Capture a Video From a Website

Now, just how can your customers record web videos? Luckily, there are many tools for the job – some superior to others.

Here’s a walk-through on how it’s done with a free third-party screen recording app share tool, compared with Usersnap, a customer feedback software loaded on your website or app to capture in-moment feedback.

With Third-Party Screen Share Tools

Anyone can learn how to record a webcam video. But typically, you’ll have to download some kind of screen recorder software or browser extension first:  

1. Launch your capture app

Navigate to the website you want to be recorded, then launch the screen video recorder app of your choice. You’ll find plenty of tools online, from OBS to Screencastify to Loom. If you’re a Mac user, you have an in-built screen recorder function. 

2. Select and test your microphone and camera

Next, you’ll get the option to pick which microphone and camera you want to be recorded. Most of the time, you’ll also be able to test that they’re working. Bear in mind that new apps will need you to give permission before you use them for the first time.

3. Pick what you want to be captured

Usually, you’ll get 3 options to be recorded: your entire screen, an application window (like your Chrome browser), or a single tab. That’s up to you, but remember that recording your entire screen means any notifications will be recorded, too! Record browser screen is usually the best option.

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4. Record your video

This part is self-explanatory. Go ahead with recording from the web however you so wish.

5. Process and save your video

Lastly, you’ll save your video. Different apps save to different places. Screencastify links to Google

Drive, for example, while Loom saves directly to their website. Ultimately, you’ll get a link that you can share via email with others. 

After that, polishing up your video takes a few steps in video editing, whether trimming it down to size or adding effects.

Regardless of your software, your customer can follow these steps to share video captures from your website. But while it’s not difficult, it’s a lot of work to ask of a casual customer! That’s where Usernap comes in.  

Embedded website video capture tools

Usersnap offers a built-in widget for customers or visitors to easily capture video from a website to report bugs and share suggestions. 

Because it is launched directly on your website, your customers don’t have to download and switch to another app or window to share their feedback video. 

Usersnap: capture video from website for feedback

Here’s the feedback experience breakdown for your customer:

  1. Click the ‘Feedback’ button.
  2. Click the camera icon to record their screen, then select what they want to share. 
  3. Start recording.
  4. Enable audio recording by clicking on the microphone icon.
  5. End by clicking the ‘Stop’ button.

This video is sent to Usersnap’s feedback management dashboard, where you can assign the feedback item to a developer and add internal notes.

Or follow-up online streaming video and close the feedback loop with customers.

Usersnap captures everything the user does, whether that’s scrolling up and down or pointing out specific text or elements with their cursor. It also follows any links as they open new tabs.

Also, take note of the progress bar while recording and editing videos.

This is the elapsed timer for the video. The user has a maximum of 3 minutes to record, which spares you from long-winded videos.  

In Steve Krug‘s seminal book, he gives essential CX advice:

“Don’t make me think.”

Usable, intuitive sites get their users to perform intended actions by making the flow as easy as possible.

And that’s just what the Usersnap feedback widget, just like many others, does. Because the web video capture is all integrated with your widget, the user doesn’t have to figure out a new app. Easy!  

What to Do With Video Feedback 

is only half the battle. The second half is: how do you manage incoming video recordings

Usersnap dashboard: record video from website

Here we will share how Usersnap’s feedback list and inbox are used by customer support teams and the product development teams to quickly solve any problems as they pop up.

Usersnap video feedback: how to record a video from a website
  1. Like other types of feedback, the video recording pops up instantly as an item in your feedback list. 
  2. Review the video. Play it quickly in the list split-view to get the gist of the item. Or, open it up in a new tab or download it. 
  3. By clicking ‘More details’, you’re also able to see key meta-data from the customer like their URL, screen size, device, and browser.That information gives you everything you need to fully understand the issue, and pass it on to the right person.
  4. Next, assign that feedback item to your relevant team member. Or add a label to group similar feedback requests for analysis and bulk actions. 
  5. Once that issue is solved, you can even respond to the customer with a video yourself. Attach a quick video or a screenshot to let them know you’ve fixed the bug they reported. 

Like this, video and feedback eliminate ambiguity and miscommunication. Clear, accurate communication is the cornerstone of great customer service.

As Frank Eliason says, “Truly listening is hearing the customer’s needs, understanding those needs, and making sure the company recognizes the opportunity they present.” 

If that’s not clear enough and you’d like to watch a video, here’s how to get video captures from a website with a Usersnap customer satisfaction feedback template:

How to record online videos from websites: a guide

To activate this video screen recording feature in Usersnap, simply select the project. Then, under Configuration > Form, scroll down to find the “Video capture button” and activate it.

video feedback software

4 Best Tools to Capture Video From Website

Want to give video recording software a shot? Below, we’ve rounded up our top picks for tools that can capture video feedback from your website:

1. Usersnap for Native Website Capturing in SaaS Companies

The OG! If your focus is on capturing video and voice feedback, nobody does it better than Usersnap.

The Usersnap widget slots seamlessly into the rest of your website – no browser extensions, no downloads.

All it takes to track a bug is a few clicks, making feedback painless for the user. Plus, it automatically adds incoming videos to the rest of the online videos in your feedback dashboard, so you’ve got all tickets in one place.

Usersnap for Native Website Video Capturing in SaaS Companies

And Usersnap offers tons of other innovative ways to collect customer feedback. For example, try using screenshots to improve customer experience.

2. Loom for Sharing Screen Recordings with External Stakeholders

Loom screen recorder is a free downloadable app or Chrome extension for video recording. It makes a great pick for instantly shareable, basic videos to share with colleagues or students.

It’s quick to record, and gives you in-app editing options so you can reply back with time-stamped questions or emojis. 

3. Screencastify for Quick Video Capturing and Editing

Another front runner in video recording is Screencastify. It’s available as a Chrome extension, and syncs saved recordings with Google Drive. What’s great about this online tool, is that it works without an internet connection, plus it gives you mouse, drawing, and highlighting features. Once you’ve shared your video online, you can also track viewers and add interactive questions throughout.

4. CloudApp to Capture GIFs and Record Video from Website

Lesser known – but a great choice – is CloudApp, a downloadable recorder. Apart from the regular screen recording option, CloudApp also gives you the option of adding gifs and annotating images with an in-built tool. 

Give Your Customers a Voice With Video Feedback Screen Recording

We’re big fans of Ann Handley’s marketing advice: “Make the customer the hero of your story”. One of the best ways to do that is with video and voice feedback.

Video capture is innovative. It lets the customer speak in their own voice, speeds up the customer service pipeline, and – at no added cost with Usersnap – is a big money-saver! 

Curious about how video capture can transform your workspace?

Check it out for yourself, no strings attached, with Usersnap’s free 15-day trial.

FAQs: How to capture video from a website

Can you record a video from a website?

Yes, you can record video from a website using recording software or browser extensions designed for this purpose. These tools capture the content displayed on your screen, including videos playing in your web browser.

How do I download a video from a website to Chrome?

To download a video from a website to Chrome, you can use a browser extension like “Video DownloadHelper” or “SaveFrom.net Helper.” Simply install the extension, visit the website with the video you want to download, and click the extension’s icon to initiate the download.

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How do I record a video from a website on Windows 10 or Mac?

To record a video from a website on Windows 10, you can use built-in recording features like the Xbox Game Bar or third-party software like OBS Studio. On Mac, you can use the built-in screen recording feature by pressing Shift + Command + 5 or use applications like OBS Studio or ScreenFlow for more advanced options. How do I record audio and video from a website?

How can I record a video from a website for free?

You can record a video from a website for free using screen recording software like OBS Studio, which is available for both Windows and Mac. OBS Studio allows you to capture video from websites without any cost, and it offers a range of customization options for your recordings.

Resolve issues faster with visual bug reporting.

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And if you’re ready to try out a visual bug tracking and feedback solution, Usersnap offers a free trial. Sign up today or book a demo with our feedback specialists.