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Streamline all product feedback to go beyond customer requests and create competitive solutions. Collect right-place, right-time feedback and measure product success after each release.

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Microsoft and UsersnapErste Group and UsersnapBBC and UsersnapWP Engine and UsersnapRed Hat and UsersnapTrendyol
Microsoft and UsersnapErste Group and UsersnapBBC and UsersnapWP Engine and UsersnapRed Hat and UsersnapTrendyol
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Product feedback widgets with screen capture options

Reactive & Proactive Collection

Constant insights for your roadmap planning

Empower users to share feedback anytime in the product with Usersnap's widget. Enable screen capturing and annotation tools for an intuitive UX. Engage with users at specific moments to measure sentiment accurately.

  • See the exact problem with screenshots
  • Targeted surveys boost response rates

Contextual Product Feedback

Define user problems precisely with auto-captured metadata

Quickly and accurately understand and reproduce issues. Categorize feedback with labels to monitor hot topics. Manage development workflows with the status, assignee, priority fields and more. Connect with 50+ integrations.

  • Forward rich ticket data to developer tools
  • Connect or export to CRM and analytics tools
In-product screen recording with annotations and user environment data
Canva and Usersnap
Joscha Feth,
Lead Engineer
Usersnap allows us to get feedback more often and more precise ever since we adopted it. This really helps us to iterate faster on our design community's needs.
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Tech and product manager testimonial
Andre Lefort,
VP of Technology
We use Usersnap for all our projects and it has changed our entire QA process, with auto-captured user information to help us solve issues faster.
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Digital product team use case with Usersnap
Tony Stillwell,
Product Director
Listening to our customers has been a priority for us out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain.
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Start-up and scale-up use cases with Usersnap
Annie Ng,
Growth Lead
Usersnap gives us insights on our users’ pain points, top requests, and use cases. It helps us to prioritize new features and improve product design.
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Erste Bank and Usersnap
Gosia Pryc,
Product Manager
How to bring value to the end users is what our teams thrive for. And Usersnap helps us get the feedback and evidence we need to keep moving.
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User feedback surveys for feature validation and measuring satisfaction

seamless product experience

Design engaging feedback flows and scale insights

Conducting tests and research with the right audience and at the right moment. Target by URL, time on page, API events, or user properties. Optimize widget size, position, fields, conditional questions, and more.  

  • No-code customization for style and content
  • Segment research surveys for higher quality data

Go Beyond user expectations

Track progress and reply to customers all in one place

Categorize feedback and requests with labels to monitor hot topics. Reply to users to keep them informed about your roadmap, or start conversations to gain more insights. Transparency helps you gain trust and engagement.

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  • AI-assisted labeling to sort requests by topics
  • Guest board for users & stakeholders to upvote
User feedback management tool

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Templates for collecting product feedback

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