Easily add a Screenshot to FogBugz issues, no Download required

FogBugz is the old lady of Bugtracking, around since 2000 (!), provided by FogCreek, the software company of the good saint of all programmers, Joel Spolsky. Back from the day when Joel helped create what legions of business people now use for a daily living (Microsoft Excel) a lot of experience and attitude formed this bugtracker, that aims at helping software teams deliver better products.

We thought: this old lady needs some new accessories and integrated Usersnap into FogBugz, because a screenshot often paints a thousand words and helps you deliver great products faster. So give the little Kiwi some love and add Usersnap to your FogBugz bugtracker.


Usersnap allows your testers to provide a visual description of what might be a bug in form of annotated screenshots. Additionally you will get important information such as the used browser, the used operating system and the URL where the bug has occurred. Your testers can choose between a drawing pen, a highlighting tool and sticky notes to illustrate and annotate the bug report. With that little Screenshot Tool enabled you’ll get so much more out of the bug reports in FogBugz.


Easy. Just add a little code snippet to the page, just like you did with Google Analytics (TM). That’s it.

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