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Collect visual captures, micro surveys directly on your website with automated technical data. Avoid scattered emails and streamline customer feedback to excel delivery speed and quality.

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Microsoft and UsersnapErste Group and UsersnapBBC and UsersnapWP Engine and UsersnapRed Hat and UsersnapTrendyol
Microsoft and UsersnapErste Group and UsersnapBBC and UsersnapWP Engine and UsersnapRed Hat and UsersnapTrendyol
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bug reporting with screenshots and annotations

Website Feedback widget

See it, solve it, ship it.
Let users to show & tell

Usersnap’s feedback widgets allow users to capture screenshots or recordings with audio to communicate in the most direct manner.

  • Annotation tools to report issues visually
  • Automatic tech & user identification

User feedback surveys

Targeted micro surveys for
monitoring UX and sentiment

Show tailored pop-up micro surveys to website visitors for insights to optimize conversion rates, uncovering both their pains and delights. Make sure users can always share their feedback with the website feedback button and menu.

  • Segment research surveys for higher quality data
  • User behavior triggers to capture important moments
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Joscha Feth,
Lead Engineer
Usersnap allows us to get feedback more often and more precise ever since we adopted it. This really helps us to iterate faster on our design community's needs.
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Andre Lefort,
VP of Technology
We use Usersnap for all our projects and it has changed our entire QA process, with auto-captured user information to help us solve issues faster.
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Tony Stillwell,
Product Director
Listening to our customers has been a priority for us out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain.
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Annie Ng,
Growth Lead
Usersnap gives us insights on our users’ pain points, top requests, and use cases. It helps us to prioritize new features and improve product design.
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Gosia Pryc,
Product Manager
How to bring value to the end users is what our teams thrive for. And Usersnap helps us get the feedback and evidence we need to keep moving.
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Speed up website improvements

Track progress of issues and ideas all in one place

Prioritize and make decisions by grouping feedback and requests using labels and upvotes. Get statistics of top labels and sentiment scores. Communicate with your community or stakeholders by publishing the project as a guest board.

  • Guest board for stakeholders to track tickets
  • AI-assisted labeling to sort requests by topics

feedback Management Platform

Build with impact by relying on the constant user insights

Collaborate and work on user feedback with your team and stakeholders. Get more details with the reply-to-customer capability, sent from Usersnap to users' emails. Deliver an excellent, bug-free website experience.

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  • 2-way sync integrations for efficient workflows
  • Or use browser extension to send in feedback
User feedback management tool

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team’s workflow

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