How to use Trello for bug tracking & user feedback!

Trello is a great tool for managing all your project-related tasks and staying in sync with colleagues and clients. We at Usersnap are avid fans of Trello. And we even built a Usersnap integration for Trello.

So we thought it would be fun to share some of our best tips on how to collect bug reports & user feedback with Trello and Usersnap.

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When bad bug reports happen to good people

You’ve done everything right. You’ve instructed your testers and QA agents, you’ve set up an easy-to-use bug tracking tool and a testing suite for your project. And then it happens.

Bad bug reports happen to the best of us, and, unfortunately, they can happen often. So, we at Usersnap put our heads together to think of the most common bug reports and ways how to avoid these bad bug reports.

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The Ultimate Guide To Designing In The Browser

There are various ways to build a website or web app. We all learned about the traditional waterfall which used to be “standard” in most companies. And now there’s “design in the browser” concept which makes web design workflows much simpler and leaner.

Here’s the ultimate guide to getting started with designing in the browser.

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15+ unknown & free WordPress plugins for developers!

WordPress is the leading content management system out there in basically any industry. Emerged as a basic CMS for blogging, it evolved to a powerful publishing tool for any kind of website or web app. Whether you’re working on company websites, online shops, or social communities. Everything’s possible with WordPress. Indeed, there are many great and mighty WordPress plugins out there for improving your websites.

In this article, I’m going to show you 15+ unknown and free WordPress plugins every WordPress developer should know when building up his/her WordPress portfolio.

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What is WebAssembly and why it affects every web developer!

Have you heard the news about WebAssembly? Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others are teaming up for launching a new binary format for the web.

We at Usersnap took a closer look on what WebAssembly is and why it’s appearance and future development should matter to everyone! Even if you’re not a developer!

It will change the web. At least to some extent.

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11 productivity boosts for remote web development teams

This article is brought to you by Usersnap – a customer feedback solution for SaaS companies, used by software companies like FacebookGoogle, and Microsoft.

Working in a remote web development team can be a lot of fun. Besides the fact of working in your pajamas in your home office, there are some greater benefits for employees and enterprises as well.

On the other hand, it can be difficult as well. Here at Usersnap, we are a small team of doers distributed over the world. Here are 11 awesome productivity boosts which will keep you and your remote web development team more efficient.

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How emojis are used in bug reports (backed by data)

If you take a look at different web projects or software products, you probably experience bug tracking as the least fun part of every projects. Right? (If not, please let us know in the comments how you get fun out of the bug tracking process)

We think that bug tracking should be fun. And because of this, we believe in the power of emojis making bug reports at least more emotional.

Here’s why people should use emojis in bug reports. And we also have some statistics on the usage of emojis in bug reports.

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20+ fantastic web development newsletters worth reading

This article was brought to you by Usersnap, a top-rated customer feedback solution for software companies to easily understand customers and make product decisions with confidence, used by software companies like Canva, WPEngine, Instacart, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Get your free 15-day trial, too. 

Recently I’ve present you a collection of the best web development blogs and podcasts available. If you’re like me and more like an inbox guy spending a ton of time in your inbox, newsletters are your way to go in order to consume new content.

However, it seems like there’s more great stuff to read today than ever before. And still, finding those great stuff takes more and more time. Because of this, I’m a huge fan of newsletters, especially if they contain some awesomely curated content.

Here’s a list of 20+ great web development emails & newsletter you should definitely subscribe to.

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Containerize your web development: How Docker is solving real world problems for web developers!

Docker containers can be a true productivity booster for your next web apps. Many people call it hotter than hot. Why?

In this article I’d like to take a look at the Docker containers and show you some real-world problems it is solving for web developers. And hopefully you will understand the true essence of it.

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How we use Slack for web development projects

The team communication & chat messenger Slack is probably one of the hottest companies in the tech industry right now. It saw some incredible growth, followed by a 2.8 billion valuation.

We, at Usersnap, are great fans of Slack since its early days. We use it with a broad variety of integrations. Slack is probably the tool we spent most of our time with. Whether it’s for developing new product features, working on new landing pages or drafting new mockups. Slack plays an important role in every step.

And here are 14 things you might not know about Slack & I found quite helpful for our daily life. And it might help others too while working on their web projects. Check out how to use Slack for web development projects and teams.

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