De-Paint-ize your world – be more efficient and happier!

We’ve talked with a lot of people these days in our attempt to help them become more efficient and happy. We want to share our thoughts and knowledge in a series of articles.

What we’ve discovered:

  1. It’s really hard to inspire a change. We realized there are the people acting like trained robots – do step 1, do step 2, use this tool, etc. No fun at work, no change.
  2. Some of the managers don’t care about the effectiveness of their employees. Hard to believe? Are you still using “good old MS Paint” to report problems? Still using tools and tricks from late 90’s, without a change. This is just the top of the iceberg.
  3. Many people are really fed up with all those old techniques they have to use at work. They know there is a better way, because they are doing it at home. Yes, you can spend less time reporting problems, for example, and more time doing something more important.
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It’s really hard to inspire a change

Let’s go back to the “It’s really hard to inspire a change” part of the previous chapter. It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s be the people who will inspire the change. A change for good: more efficiency at work and more fun.

We’ve created a short video (2:08), comparing the “old” way of reporting web problems – the way everybody knows : “the good ‘ol MS Paint” and the new one, using our solution.

What can I do?

Watch this short video during your coffee-break.

What else could I do?

  1. Do you want you and your colleagues to be more efficient?
  2. Do you want to start doing the things you are already doing even more efficiently?
  3. Do you want to have more time to grow professionally and be happier?

If you think you can answer with at least one “yes” to these three, let’s do it together.


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2. Request a 1:1 demo for your company by writing to contact -at- usersnap.com
3. Introduce us (hello-at-usersnap.com) to your decision maker. We’d love to help your company become more efficient and to help you grow.

A note about security

Some of our clients were worried about “using the Internet” for such processes. We guarantee high-level of security in our SLA and we will work with your team to make sure all security standards have been kept.

I need more

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