The Journey to Customer-Centric Growth: Our 1st Virtual Summit on May 20th!

#UsersnapSummit20 The Journey to Customer-centric Growth and Scaling Customer Feedback

Wow, can’t believe we actually pulled together a summit with more than 50 speakers on Customer Experience and Customer-centric growth in less than 2 months!

And now we’re proud to say The Journey to Customer-Centric Growth – Success Stories of Scaling CX and Qualitative Feedback is a MUST attend, learnings guaranteed event. Especially for SaaS product managers, customer success managers, growth marketers, and actually all the organizations that aspire to listen to the Voice of Customers.

What is Customer-Centric Growth?

Customer-oriented strategies are fast becoming the road to success in today’s highly transparent tech environment. Your brand is no longer just the image you paint, the opinions of the customers are becoming louder.

Research shows 84% of people trust online reviews when purchasing a product. This shift from the last decade’s sales-driven growth means you need to start prioritizing your interactions with your customers.

Google gives you 75 million results on “customer-centric company”. And while you may drown in definitions, theories and guides, we are eager to find real-life examples and hands-on implementations.

What makes customer-centricity so valuable for modern businesses to grow and prosper? How do you create effective strategies and ensure growth? What does it take to build a company culture that embraces customers’ interests?

This is why Usersnap calls upon you to join our Virtual Summit all about Customer-Centric Growth on May 20th, 2020. 

Customer-centric Growth Virtual Summit by Usersnap

45+ Success Stories of Scaling CX and Qualitative Feedback

The summit is jam-packed with 45+ thought leaders and industry experts from companies like Adobe, Slack, Typeform, Zoom, Twitter, Oracle, Macquarium, etc.

They have unlocked and achieved hyper growth by internalizing the voice of customers. And with their experiences, you can gain profound insights on strategies, processes that would work for your organization as well.

You can take away exclusive expert hacks, and the outstanding results to share with your team.

Our space is not limited. We don’t want to FOMO you. You can make the most out of your time at home during lock-down and train your customer-centric mind.

But time is ticking, and the journey starts soon! Don’t dally, and get your virtual seat right away

Who should attend this virtual summit on customer-centric growth?

This virtual summit is for Customer Service (CS) and Customer-Experience (CX) professionals, Product leads, and managers who are passionate about customer-centricity.

And everybody, who wants to scale their company’s growth with the customer’s needs and voice in mind. 

Here’s a quick checklist to see if you will fit in!

  • You are already certain of the value of CX and customer feedback, but not yet sure how to operationalize it?
  • You don’t see the point of customer experience and user research, but your company is following this trend? 
  • Your team is actively measuring CX and collecting customer feedback, but have had bottlenecks in streamlining it with company operations?
  • You are living and breathing the fresh air of the customer-centric approach, and you know you can reach even greater heights? 

Answer yes to any of these questions, and this summit is for you!

The summit is virtual, but the growth will be literal

Reserve your virtual seat right now! With the help of our sponsors, we kept the ticket affordable for everyone. 

The coolest part about virtual summits is that you can avoid the hassle of flying somewhere, fighting jet lags and counting sheep on the nasty hotel bed.

You don’t even have to be on time. Watch the talks following your own schedule. Pause when you need, and resume when you like.

Here’s a sneak peak of the talks:

Adobe, Oracle, Twitter and Typeform speaking at Usersnap's virtual summit on Customer Experience

View the rest of the talks and grab your ticket now.

Oops you missed it? The recordings are still available 1 month after the summit.

Better late than never. Watch the replays in your own schedule from today to the end of June.