7 Usersnap Collaboration Tips to Manage Customer Feedback Loops with a Visual Twist + Most Requested Feature Release!

7 Usersnap Collaboration Tips to Manage Customer Feedback Loops with a Visual Twist

Rejoice, do a celebration dance, insert high-five emojis… visual customer feedback just entered a new league with the Attachment feature.

Don’t stop at collecting feedback, manage it like a pro

Attachment was the most requested feature for Usersnap’s collaborative dashboard in the last couple of months. 

Usersnap is well-known as a user feedback tool with easy screenshot and annotation features. Helping teams to communicate issues in a visual manner. And now you can attach additional images and files to the feedback threads. 

“An image is worth a thousand words.”

says Truth, original source untraceable but we all know how true this is

The smaller SaaS startups and agencies were particularly keen, as some of them use solely Usersnap to manage customer feedback and support tickets. There are also a few updates for the ticket management features, which this article will also cover.

Read on for the 7 pro tips to make the most out of visual communication with Usersnap.

1. Assigning feedback items

When customer feedback and issues start coming in, you can start assigning the tickets to your team. Simply select the person of the appropriate responsibility in the drop-down. A notification email will be delivered when you’re newly assigned to an item.

Assign feature in website feedback tool

To view all the feedback items assigned to oneself, go to the search bar and filter for assignee. This is will help the team members to focus on their tasks and resolve the tickets more efficiently.

Usersnap visual feedback tool

You can also filter and sort for state of tickets, sentiment, date… etc. to easily find and view relevant information.

2. Reply to customers by email

Usersnap has opened up the premium customer care feature for all tiers since mid-2019. Allowing you to reply and follow up with customers directly in Usersnap. 

Customers will receive your response by email. If they answer your email, their input will appear under the same feedback ticket. You can easily track the messages with your customers without additional customer service tools.

User feedback tool to close customer feedback loops

3. Internal notes and mentions

If you want to discuss the issue in-depth with your teammates, switch to the “add notes” tab next to “reply” to keep your message internal. Collaboration feels effortless when all communication are carried out in one place. 

Collaborative customer feedback management tool

4. Attachment enables more visual explanation

We heard from our users that the two features above, reply and add notes, falls short when the problem at stake needs graphic and visual explanation. So we now added the attachment function for you to reply to a screenshot with a screenshot!

Reply and notes features in customer feedback tool

Visual communication facilitates technical issues that your customers may not have the vocabulary to describe or comprehend. Saving you from the hassles of guesswork and back-n-forth clarification.

Using images instead of commentary also helps very straightforward subjects, such as a color mismatch or the location of the typo, to star uncomplicated. As words often are redundant.

Attachment for customer feedback tool

We hope you find the attachment feature as useful as our customers. If you would like to try it out now, head over to sign up for a free Usersnap account.

5. Labels, a basic to manage customer feedback

Categorizing feedback is essential for trend analysis. By understanding how often certain types of feedback appear will help you decide what to prioritize in your product roadmap. 

For product managers that need to consolidate the feedback, suggestions and issues to plan for your development sprints. Labels is your friend.

It also acts tags for organization. If you need to reference a previous ticket of a similar topic, it’s very easy to find and access it if you have labels in place.

Label customer feedback

To quickly keep track of the labels, in Statistics, you can view the usage count of your labels over a selected period. 

Automate customer feedback management

6. Routing menu widget to satisfy all your customer feedback needs

We at Usersnap promote customer feedback of all kinds. It would be frustrating for your customers if they want to file a bug report but you only offer them an NPS form. Likewise, if your customers want to talk directly with a customer support agent, we want you to be able to easily navigate them to the right channel.

The Routing Menu widget presents all your customer feedback options, you can put your Usersnap projects or link your chat service and documentation. Providing your customers with choices also prevents them from submitting unrelated tickets to the wrong team. 

Usersnap Routing Menu Widget

7. Usersnap Inbox is your feedback management hub

When managing multiple Usersnap projects, you would want to avoid going in and out of different project pages. Do so with Inbox

Subscribe to the projects you wish to check in daily, to receive all the feedback items in one place. You can assign, label, reply and add notes just like in specific projects’ list view. 

One great bonus you will enjoy is the convenience of filtering the entire base of feedback. In other words, stay on top of all the feedback you need to attend to, no matter which project.

Inbox - customer feedback management

Usersnap helps to close customer feedback loops faster

Usersnap is dedicated to Make Feedback Matter. Your feedback means everything to us, and we want you to value the voice of your customers as much as us. In order to be customer-centric, managing feedback needs to be easy. 

The above features should help you improve communication with your customers and reinforce the collaboration state of your teams. 

Head over to your projects and try the attachment now. 

Not on Usersnap yet? Try it out for free.