Can web development be made easier, simpler, quicker, and more transparent? I guess that’s the question that keeps management and executives awake a lot of the time.

Whilst developers focus on techniques, patterns, principles and developmental concepts management, in contrast, is more focused on the broader picture, understanding where a project is at, will it meet its deadline, did it overrun and by how much. Here’s how to use Asana for bug tracking.

As we presented you some awesome chat tools (Slack, Hipchat and Hall) in our last blog post, we want to focus on the web development process itself. You probably heard and read a lot about all kind of different processes and how to do it right. We can’t show you the “perfect web development process”, because from our experience there is no right process. But we’d like to acquaint you with the concept of requirements engineering.

As mentioned in our last week’s blog post about productivity tips for a better time management, improving the productivity in web development is quite challenging.

A lot of web developers are often wondering about their team communication and how to get them on the next level. On the one hand there are a lot of enterprise solutions for team communication (e.g. Yammer), on the other hand there are consumer-oriented tools such as Whatsapp, Facebook, iMessage. And don’t forget about Emails. All of them compete for being the communication tool for enterprises. We took a closer look and provide you some productivity tips for managing your project communication.