Bug Tracking explained in 7 funny GIFs

Every software has some bugs. We as developers have to deal with that fact. And no matter how hard we try, errors creep into projects.

We talk a lot about the topic of bug tracking (also on this blog). But today, we’d like to bring some fun in here. So we collected some of the best & most funny GIFs explaining the topic of bug tracking.

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Fundamentals on setting up your User Acceptance Testing workflow

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve given you a deeper look into the world of User Acceptance Testing. And over this period of time, we have received questions on the workflows and processes behind UAT.

It’s quite a special topic for us too, since our bug tracking- & testing software is used by a variety of people and companies helping them in their User Acceptance Testing efforts.

In today’s blog post I’d like to show you what the actual workflow of UAT looks like. From planning to executing and to analyzing your UAT efforts.

Let’s get started.

UAT testing steps
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How to speed up your WordPress site in 2 hours.

When developing a new website, chances are high that you end up using WordPress. And that’s a great thing.

About 50% of all website are built with WordPress. And when using WordPress you’re on a good way when it comes to your website speed.

However, there might be some problems, caused by your WordPress template (and other plugins) which are slowing your website down.

Today, I’d like to share the journey we undertook in order to speed up our WordPress site. And the great news is: You can do it too! Pretty much without a lot of coding skills needed.

speed up wordpress site tutorial

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We benchmarked 12 major web development blogs and analyzed their website performance.

In mid 2015 we conducted a lot of performance improvements for our website and blog. And we continuously did our homework. Just last week we did a major website speed upgrade for our blog.

So, we thought it would be fun to benchmark our web development blog with some other major web development & design blogs. We put our heads together and conducted some research.

Here’s what we found.

Website Speed Test Performance Benchmark
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6 Tips For a Successful User Acceptance Testing Plan

A while ago, we published an article on “What User Acceptance Testing is all about” and a follow up article on “5 UAT Testing Types”. Since then, we got a lot of feedback from users and people asking for further advice on the topic of UAT.

Therefore we decided to sum up all those inquiries and answer the following question: ”What’s the key to a successful User Acceptance Testing?”

We put our heads together and collected the following six tips for you. Enjoy reading & have fun executing your next User Acceptance Test Plan.

User Acceptance Testing Plan
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GitLab vs GitHub. Key differences & similarities explained by Usersnap

There’s a lot of content out there on GitHub, and the developer community seems to entirely love GitHub. It’s the software that helps us build more great software.

While GitHub is going mainstream and is now more and more morphing into the business life of software development, we see ourselves confronted with the question of GitLab vs GitHub. But what are the key differences?

Let’s take a closer look.

GitLab vs GitHub comparison
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7 Excellent Open Source Bug Tracking Tools unveiled by Usersnap

Over the last few years, developers got some super powers. Or at least, technologies enabled developers to do amazing things. And that’s incredible.

However, there is one big challenge that comes with every new website or app. Something we – the tech-savvy people – call “a bug”. And those bugs are giving us, the developers, a hard time. And those bugs are the reason, why we need to use bug tracking systems in order to find, document and solve these bugs.

Today I’m going to present you 7 excellent open source bug tracking tools which help you to get started with the bug tracking game.

Open Source Bug Tracking Tools

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A day in the life of a software tester. A starter’s guide to software testing.

Your software application is acting weird: it’s crashing during quality analysis and the front-end application isn’t working as expected! You need a software testing team to figure out the problem areas of your application.

The testing team finds and reports bugs to the developers. The testers just saved the project team from a nightmare! That’s what a software tester primarily does.

They’re the experts in finding and reporting software bugs and flaws.

software testing tutorial and how-to

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How to use the Usersnap Bug Tracker? 11 Tips and Best Practices.

Bug Tracking is a constant endeavour that is paying off with time. Bug tracking has a positive influence on customer satisfaction and conversion rates, a topic which I have explored in an earlier blog post.

Today I want to share a few tips and best practices on how to use the Usersnap bug tracker with you. I know, it is our own product, but this article will hopefully still be helpful for you – either if you are already using Usersnap or if you want to try it out.

Either way – thanks for reading!

Usersnap Bug Tracker

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