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User feedback form template

Get open feedback from users with our user feedback form template. Collect suggestions, improvement ideas, and qualitative satisfaction related to your product offering. Obtain contact information for follow-up communication.

User feedback form

Product teams

looking to define the value proposition to follow a focused strategy

UX Designers

needing insights to improve features, flows and interfaces

Customer Success Teams

aiming to help customers achieve their goals in the product

What challenge does a user feedback form solve?

Give users a casual, blank canvas to give you the feedback they think is important. Unstructured, yet actionable feedback that you can follow-up on and take action.

What can be done with the feedback after?

Label feedback according to problem space, and start organizing your roadmap well in advance directly in Usersnap or in integrations (Productboard, Aha!, Clickup).

Share specific and actionable feedback with stakeholders to truly act on user pain points. Tag your team members, copy feedback links, or send the feedback items to integrations like Slack.

Respond to users directly in Usersnap: drill down on their feedback, and close the loop with good news that you’re listening to keep them happy and satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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