What you can do with Usersnap

Usersnap is a versatile user feedback platform and can be used for multiple use cases along the product development lifecycle.

Usersnap feedback platform

Use Cases for Customer Feedback

Use Cases for Quality Assurance

Use Cases for Your Role

Use Cases for Industries

For Software Companies

Understand your customers by collecting in-app user feedback. Make it easy for your customers to submit feedback so you can prioritise the most urgent bug fixes and product improvements.

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website feedback
visual feedback

For Agencies & Software Development Companies

Get your projects approved faster. Streamline Your Acceptance Testing. You can avoid slow customer feedback and provide a clear, visual process with Usersnap.

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For E-Commerce Companies

Unlock e-commerce conversion metrics with customer feedback. Make it easy for customers to rate their experience and submit visual feedback directly on your e-commerce website. Listen and learn from their voice to grow.

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UAT flow
Personalized demo on how to use customer feedback software

Learn how collect feedback about pains and needs of your users to build better products?

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