Reduce churn and grow your customer base with NPS

Know your customer brand perception, detect critical issues and transform unhappy customers into brand advocates.

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Turn unhappy customers into true fans

Understand what customers think of your site and/or product, discover churn drivers and take appropriate actions.

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Maximize the value through sentiment analysis

Add score-based follow-up questions, analyze comments and get to the root of your customer emotions and intents.

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Strengthen customer retention with personalized actions

Segment your customers by loyalty, react to their experiences and desires and predict any business fluctuations.

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Visualize responses and observe trends

Gain meaningful insights over time, make powerful predictions and identify growth opportunities.

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What is NPS and why you should use it

NPS is a trusted benchmarking metric of how your customers feel about you.
You can use NPS to identify which areas of business or product are performing well versus poorly by examining customer feedback from each phase.

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The Net Promoter Score survey isn’t 
where the magic happens.
It’s where it begins.

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Build better products
with customer feedback

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