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Streamlining The Quality Assurance (QA) Process With Usersnap


Thousands of tickets solved, hundreds of projects and websites built, over 30 awards for web and branding design won, and a very happy team of employees.

Faster Turnaround Time On Issue Resolution

Executionists cut issue resolution down from days to minutes and still involve their clients in the testing.

Happy Development Team

Their team of skilled designers and developers can now focus on what really matters: building effective digital and marketing solutions. Gone are the days of waiting on a manual screenshot or a scribbled-on scanned image to resolve bugs.

Impressed Clients

With built-in plugins and widgets that work seamlessly within Wordpress and Drupal, clients can easily and quickly provide Executionists with all the necessary information to resolve issues quickly and present a quality site to market faster. It’s no wonder Executionists continue to have a loyal tribe of actively involved clients.

Meet the Team

We were interviewing Rachel Panush, Lead Project Manager and VP of Operations for this Customer Success Story.

Executionists is a digital agency focusing on website development, primarily Drupal and WordPress, as well as digital marketing and SEO, branding, identity, and design.

Led by CEO and Creative Director Richard Parr’s 31 years of experience in design and digital marketing, Executionists provides a creative and innovative one-stop-shop for all of their client’s online needs.With over 30 awards for creative media solutions, they deliver a broad range of services for online businesses. One of their favorite clients is Insignia Mortgage, located in Beverly Hills. Executionists manages their website, marketing campaigns and print advertising. If you are looking to take your business to the next level with a holistic digital strategy, Executionists is your answer.

By staying a small overall team, this allows them to provide the most comprehensive and effective digital strategies to their loyal clients.When creating and testing their new site designs themselves or having their clients test them. When something wasn’t working right or didn’t look quite right, the team’s process was getting bogged down.

Having to manually create screenshots with annotations themselves, or even worse, waiting on print-outs from their clients that were scribbled on and faxed to them, was proving to be more and more inefficient. It was simply taking up way too much time and slowing the creative process down.
”Usersnap has greatly facilitated our testing process.”
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the challenge

Time-Consuming QA Processes

"Our old process felt very archaic and unnecessarily time-consuming.”
Executionists is a team of very creative and innovative thinking digital marketing professionals who were having to spend too much time focusing on the QA process. This, of course, takes away from the time spent on creative design and marketing where they truly excel.

The team spends a good amount of time initially testing the new website designs and functionality, as well as having their clients test also. But, waiting for the feedback from the client and processing it was taking way too much time.

Sometimes their clients would literally take a photo of their computer screen and send that. With no information on what browser they were using, the URL, the operating system, etc.Being forced to spend too much time chasing clients, via email and phone, just to get the browser debugging information needed to replicate the scenario on the development side was proving to be too costly and a waste of productive resources.

The whole process felt very archaic and unnecessarily time-consuming. A way to automate the process, while still involving the client, was desperately needed and searched for.
The Solution

Facilitating A Streamlined QA Process with visual bug tracking and feedback

screenshot with Usersnap in action - Executionists
Most importantly for the Executionists, Usersnap solved the issue of being able to quickly capture the parameters that were involved when the website issue was logged. As their Lead Project Manager and VP of Operations said: “It has greatly facilitated our testing process. I love how it automatically captures the user’s URL, screen resolution, OS, and browser data.”

The team now uses and assigns one Usersnap project to each of their projects, as well as utilizing a miscellaneous bucket for small one-off projects or small intermittent client projects mainly using the bucket tool. But Usersnap also allows the Executionists to incorporate the API key directly into the websites using the Wordpress plugin or the Drupal module.

Now, Executionists can capture an issue in literally seconds and still involve both their dev team and the client. Automatically sending it directly to the QA list in the product, inside of their project management tool. They can involve the clients in the process as well. The functionality of Usersnap has therefore totally streamlined the Executionists QA process.

With Usersnap’s extensive integration capabilities, the team at Executionists is able to directly integrate the testing system into their project management tool Basecamp. They have also tested it with Jira and Trello with great results. Usersnap instantly includes a screenshot image and data into the ticket for each project in the project management system.
“Usersnap has been a great experience and it has absolutely enhanced what was traditionally a pain point for us. It allows us to precisely capture an issue and send it to the QA queue for resolution with all the relevant data our development team needs to resolve it.”
- Rachel Panush, Executionists


Usersnap has provided a solution for Executionists to maintain an efficient and streamlined QA process that involves both their in-house development team as well as the clients themselves. This allows the team to focus on what matters most, creating award-winning and effective digital strategies to help their clients' businesses succeed in this digital age.

Instead of waiting days to get the necessary information to recreate and resolve bugs, they can now instantly capture the specifications and solve any issues that come up within their projects.
Rachel Panush - profile image
Rachel Panush
Lead Project Manager and
the VP of Operations

“Instead of waiting days to get the necessary information to recreate and resolve bugs, we can now instantly capture the specifications and solve any issues that come up within our projects.
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