Web video capture

Resolve issues even faster with screen recording

Every bug report has a story. Watch them with built-in video screen recording, and know what goes wrong in your users' context.

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Why is Usersnap
your video
screen recording tool?


Understand issues and save resources


Make it easier for users to share their full experience

save money

No additional costs for an extra video tool

How does screen recording work?

Users record their experience

Enable screen recording and easily collect and share the context of bugs and issues. No more 3rd party extensions necessary to get video feedback for UAT or bug tracking.

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enable screen recording
screen recording

Send engineers video feedback

From the Usersnap dashboard, show screen recordings with all the metadata included.
Save development resources in understanding the issues clearly.

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Review screen recordings

Watch and analyze incoming screen recordings directly in the dashboard. Collaborate with team members and handle video bug reports quicker than before..

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Add screen recording to
your QA and UAT workflows.

Try it, it’s free, no credit card.

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