Customer Support Tools Breakdown in 2024: Which One Fits Your SaaS Tool Stack?

Customer Support Tools Breakdown in 2023

When you’re searching for customer support tools, you want to make sure that it ticks all the boxes your team requires. After all, customer support interactions can be some of the most memorable opportunities to impress a user in need of assistance. So, congratulations! You’re off to a good start by researching the available options.

Customers often hope to interact with a company on multiple levels – email, phone, chat, and social media. Each method requires different tools to achieve the desired outcome. To be successful, you need to equip your support staff with the right customer support tools to deliver superior customer service. 

In this article we’ll help you understand the different types of customer support tools, their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can make sure your users are happy and satisfied about getting in touch.

What’s Customer Support Software?

Customer service software are programs designed to assist businesses in communicating with clients who use and pay for goods and services.

Customer service technologies deliver consistent, timely responses to the customer with minimal effort. They promote a seamless experience between all customer touch-points, including emails, websites, social media posts, and phone calls.

They aim to foster an environment where your team can easily collaborate, respond to customer feedback, and utilize a single platform in place of multiple applications.

Customer support solutions also allow you to use user research tools through personalized questions in order to make the best decisions on how to develop your product or service.

Ticketing systems are the cornerstone of support software, allowing companies to track, manage, and organize requests. They enable your agents to handle simultaneously and monitor multiple interactions, streamlining the customer support process.

Various Customer Service Software Types

Every company has different requirements and available resources for customer support. Finding the right tool will help you reach, respond and help your customers most effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of some common customer support software categories:

Informational Self-Service

Shep Hyken, a CX expert and bestselling author says:

by the time a customer gets you, they are ready for answers, not long wait times.

Informational self-service tools allow customers to handle customer support inquiries independently. Common examples include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), user guides, or technical documentation. They simplify customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction.

Informational self-service is best suited for businesses with a low volume of inquiries. Companies can use a knowledge base software to help customers access answers to typical client questions. It is a straightforward website with a practical search function categorized by topics, products, and services.

Live Chat

Live chat gives clients a direct link with customer support representatives wherever they happen to be. It is an interactive conversation between a real person and a customer, who can ask questions, access product downloads, or learn about new features. 

Live chat helps provide customers with their immediate needs more privately and efficiently than email. Your customer service reps can chat with them to address their issues

before they become significant. With live chat, customers can receive assistance quickly and get the necessary information.

Aid Desk

An aid desk solution deals with the constant email traffic, enabling you to manage and monitor customer interactions. It tracks and prioritizes incoming emails according to your business needs.

With aid desk software, you can track, tag, and manage many emails more quickly. A suitable aid desk will have a rule-based system that automatically categorizes emails based on predetermined criteria. These include password resets, order status updates, and troubleshooting problems.

A CRM Tool

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a software solution for businesses that serve the needs of multiple customers over time. CRM tools are made up of several elements, including forms for collecting feedback, an email hub, and/or instant messaging platforms.

CRMs focus on customer retention to develop long-term business relationships. Each time your team interacts with a client, the CRM records and tracks details around product and service usage, customer preferences, and interactions. These tools for customer support can be an essential component of your customer service software stack. 

Call Center

Call centers handle high volume call volumes. The goal is to ensure that every one of your customers gets the response they deserve. You can manage customer phone calls with call center software, which is still valuable for resolving customer issues

Call center solutions track and manage workflow status throughout the day as agents handle calls from customers. They include features such as call forwarding, call recording, client history, and customer tickets to ensure your agents can easily manage every type of customer interaction.

Social Media

Social media customer service software allows you to interact with clients via popular social media platforms. They work as a way to communicate your brand’s identity publicly and provide customer support on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Using social customer service makes it easy to address incoming queries from customers. It is an excellent method of communication for the more recent generations and those consumers who prefer online interaction during their shopping process.

Customer Feedback Tool

Feedback is an excellent solution for businesses that need to improve their customer service by gathering qualitative information. The best customer feedback tool should allow you to listen and respond to constructive criticism, according to users.

Conversely, a solution can track positive comments by customers and their interactions with your agents. Companies can use feedback data to improve products and services and change their business processes. 

Video Capture

A video capture platform enables companies to provide customers with convenient and quick ways to resolve their issues. Video gives customers visual assistance to help them solve their problems. By using a video demo, your agents can demonstrate the work being done on their behalf to resolve the issue. 

What Characteristics Define Effective Customer Support Software?

It’s worth asking yourself a few questions when you’re evaluating customer service tools, in order to determine whether they meet your business needs.

  • Does the tool show customer metadata with every ticket?
  • Does the software offer integrations that work other tools?
  • How quickly can a user submit a ticket?
  • Is it possible to take screenshots, video recordings or add attachments?
  • Are there any other particular requirements your team needs in order to communicate with customers?

Below, we’ll compare and present several different customer service tools and factors you should take into consideration, followed by our recommendation of some of the best solutions on the market.


Regarding tool usability, features that are not easy to use can be more of a nuisance than actual help. These usability issues manifest in user interface designs cluttered or difficult to navigate. 

Your software’s functionality and features should be simple. The user interface should be easy for both customers and support agents, enabling efficient communication in real-time with customers. It should be as intuitive as possible so that users can solve their problems without assistance from support staff.

The goal is for your customers and agents to have enough information on the screen to complete their tasks quickly and easily.


How effective is the software in addressing your business customer support goals? Efficiency is paramount. It should be able to handle a high volume of customer interactions and provide quick responses to customers.

Workflow processes aim for maximum efficiency, so an agent’s daily routine should not be interrupted by unnecessary steps. Agents need to spend less time managing their tasks and more time providing solutions for customers. 


Software value is based on how well the solution meets your business needs. It should also be advantageous to your team, allowing you to optimize your resources and continuously improve.

User research tools should include the right features and workflows so that your company can offer a better customer experience to both new and existing clients. For example, Usersnap lets you analyze sentiment trends for enhancements and gather insights on new features.

List of Customer Support Tools for SaaS in 2024

A suitable customer support tool should be easy to use, efficient, and provide value for your business. Your team will be better able to manage your support queue if you use the

customer service tools listed below:


Customer Support Tools Usersnap Logo

Usersnap is a platform for collecting general website feedback, issues with screen capturing tools, customer satisfaction microsurveys, and upvotes on feature requests. It offers an easy-to-use and unlimited-seats dashboard to track incoming tickets, assign agents, and reply to customers (which are sent back to your users by email).

To facilitate the speed of response time and quality of your support, agents can create replies with templates to reuse and utilize formatted text, hyperlinks, and add multiple file attachments with the reply.

Usersnap inbox screenshot

With all the customer feedback management and conversations in one place, you can easily see the history of a user and know how to act on their needs. Whether it’s a positive or negative response

You can also perform real-time analysis of customer satisfaction scores and see the average resolution time of a given time period.  


  • Tickets by annotated browser screenshots or videos: it allows end users to produce screenshots and videos without the need to install additional software or plugins such as Loom. Plus, the support team and developers can see what your users see.
  • The customers’ environment data, such as their email addresses, the ticket URL, console logs from their browsers, and any other user attributes your application stores, can all be passed on to Usersnap automatically.
usersnap customer feedback page
  • To make the ticket as simple to fill out and as contextual as possible for the agents to understand the issue, utilize fully customizable widgets and forms. You can also add screen capture capabilities and employ a variety of feedback fields.
  • Create user profiles with all their inquiries, feedback, and micro survey answers to better understand your clients.
  • Project management dashboard – assign tickets, tag teammates, and communicate with internal notes to enhance collaboration.
  • Integration – Usersnap is compatible with JIRA, Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Asana, Trello, Slack, and WordPress.

Help Scout

Customer Support Tools HelpScout Logo

Help Scout is a capable help desk application that can streamline your daily operations and provide unprecedented flexibility. Small to mid-sized organizations and freelancers can use it for the most efficient support processes. 

The software gives individuals and their teams access to a shared inbox and enables them to work together whenever an email or support request is received. It allows you to take immediate action on the most critical issues so your team can respond quickly.


  • Docs Knowledge Base – Create and manage a knowledge base for your clients. Article creation is simple, and you can easily add images, hyperlinks, tables, and videos.
  • Help Desk – Get support and help desk actions on individual tickets, like messages sent and replies received. Each ticket has a history to show the communication with the customer over time.
  • Email Integration – Exchange information between your team’s inboxes and accounts like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign
  • Reports – Pull performance reports in categories, such as trending topics and busiest hours.


Customer Support Tools Helpcrunch Logo

HelpCrunch is a messaging and CRM software that simplifies workflows and assists your team in effective communication with customers. It is an all-inclusive customer assistance tool that unifies customer queries in a single platform.

Whether a consumer sends a message via email, chat, or social media, it enters the HelpCrunch dashboard as a distinct discussion. Support agents can view comprehensive user profiles in a single window and manage, assign, add private notes, and use preset responses.


  • Managing chats, emails, social media, and messengers through a shared inbox increases efficiency.
  • Live chat with a built-in knowledge base.
  • An easy-to-use editor and SEO options.
  • Chatbot for proactive audience engagement and the automation of menial tasks.
  • One-time newsletter emails or trigger-based campaigns that run automatically.
  • Popups that can communicate with visitors to your website and collect their contact information.


Zendesk’s CRM and customer service platform help improve your business efficiency while maximizing the delivery of customer support services. It is a SaaS-based product that allows companies to analyze and categorize support requests, assign tasks, and track their work progress. 


  • Reporting/Analytics – Get accurate data on conversions, sales, and customer and agent behavior. 
  • API – Integrate Zendesk with all your business applications, whether a custom-built web application or a third-party system.
  • Chat/Messaging – Chat with your customers in real time and make the process more personal to increase conversion rates.
  • Customizable Branding – Define your brand voice and target customers with customized branding.
  • Multi-Channel Communication – Use Zendesk to communicate with your customers through multiple channels: email, text, chat, and phone calls.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a cloud-based virtual assistant that integrates with your favorite platforms’ messaging, social media, and collaboration tools. Real-time messaging and screen sharing are just features that enhance interactions with clients and provide them with valuable information.

This feature-rich tool provides teams with fully customizable workflows, automated responses, and dashboard notifications.


  • Chat button – Live Chat provides one-click access to customer support.
  • Real-time chat – Talk to your clients through a chat feature.
  • Analyze – Get immediate feedback on what users are doing and how to improve. 
  • Universal inbox – Share one inbox with your team to exchange information.
  • Hybrid ticket stream – Substantiate users’ issues while they have conversations.
  • Third-party integrations – Connect Live Chat with over 200 other applications, like Google Analytics.


Olark is a SaaS web chat software that provides all the tools you need to create a high-volume, high-touch customer service experience. The software allows companies to connect directly with customers and empower employees to provide a superior experience.

More than 12,000 people use Olark for customer service. It is a basic, straightforward customer service application with all the necessary functionality to improve customer satisfaction.


  • Live Chat – Track chat sessions and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Chat Widget – Add chat as a widget to your website and display chat in a live stream.
  • Dashboard – Create and view dashboards to track your performance.
  • Reporting – Track average response times and the best hours to be available for customers.
  • Transcripts – Record and save conversations for detailed information on customer issues.
  • Integrations – Connect Olark with your enterprise software like Shopify and WordPress.
  • Chat Ratings – Allow users to rate the quality of your chat sessions.


Customer Support Tools tidio Logo

Tidio is a cloud-based customer service software that provides organizations with a personalized, end-to-end customer experience. The software makes processes more efficient and drives market share.

Tidio offers access to inbound and outbound communication with your customers. The software expands on email marketing templates and buildable chatbot workflow capabilities.


  • Reporting & Analytics – Get real-time data on your customer service organization and system performance.
  • Email Campaigns – Send personalized emails to customers.
  • Integrations – Integrate Tidio with your existing apps like Facebook messenger chatbot.
  • Chatbots – Build chatbots with their easy-to-use tool.
  • Live Chat – Start a one-to-one conversation with customers to answer questions and solve problems.

Benefits of any Customer Support Software

The benefits of using customer support software are numerous, from enhanced customer satisfaction to increased speed and efficiency. Here are the four main benefits to consider when choosing customer service software for your team:

Increase Client Happiness and Loyalty

The essential benefit of customer support software is a boost in client happiness. Matthew Dixon, the co-author of The Challenger and a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, believes,

In many respects, an easy customer service interaction IS a delightful experience for the customer.

Allowing customers to communicate efficiently with your company will make them happier and more likely to return to your business.

Improve the Working Conditions for Customer Support Representatives

The ability to manage workflow, monitor conversations, and provide consistent customer service improves your team’s efficiency. Access to real-time chat also enables agents to resolve open issues proactively before escalating.

To Encourage Consumer Self-Service

Customer self-service is increasing as customers become increasingly familiar with the technology. Providing customers with access to support services and making it a priority will encourage them to take care of their problems.

Permit Businesses To Grow More Effectively

Neil Patel, a top ten marketer, rated by Forbes, says,

There is only one legitimate way to get reviews: deliver the best possible level of customer service. 

Customer service software allows you to manage your business’s flow, which helps improve productivity and overall results for your team. You can use customer support software to easily manage sales efforts while boosting the number and quality of leads you receive.

Final Thoughts

Customer support tools can make every team member’s life easier by providing a fast, no-hassle way to connect with customers. By using the software, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction and open up new growth opportunities.

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