35 Digital Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies in 2024

It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur digital marketer, a freelancer or work in a huge digital marketing agency. Digital marketing tools are a way to gain a competitive edge.

We put together a list of 30+ tools that will help you to satisfy your customers, automate repetitive tasks and give you a better insight into how users are interacting with your customers’ product.

If you work with a tool which is missing in this list, just send it to us, let us know about it here, and we’ll review it.

Usersnap {Customer Feedback & QA}

You have to excuse us but like every parent we are very proud about our baby – that’s why Usersnap is also in the list. 🙂

It is an intuitive feedback management tool which encourages customers to submit bug reports and ratings through its outstanding simplicity.

Usersnap is a go-to tool for Digital Marketing Agencies who are looking to incorporate customer feedback into their products and services.

Customer feedback is crucial in the development and promotion of products. Clients are only going to be interested in your product if you provide them with value. Unfortunately, it might be harder than expected to gather insightful, organic feedback and bug reports from clients.

Here’s where Usersnap comes in, making it extremely easy for visitors to report on their experience in a non-intrusive way. With Usersnap you can consider your feedback gathering system sorted, so it’s time to focus on implementation.

Set up your Free 15-Day Trial.

ActiveCampaign {Automailing}

ActiveCampaign - marketing automation

ActiveCampaign is a great digital marketing tool and marketing automation platform which tailors content based on your users’ details and preferences.

This is a marketing platform which offers true automation. It enhances your promotional material by directing tailored content to specific members of your customer base.

Instead of sending out an email to all your subscribers and wishing for the best, ActiveCampaign organizes your clients in groups depending on their interaction with your content so you can send communications only to a specific group of people.

Their Dynamic Content feature sends out bespoke emails depending on the tags that you’ve associated with your clients. Give people what they want to buy.

ActiveCampaign - workflows

Find out more.

Whatagraph {Marketing Analytics}

Whatagraph is a marketing analytics tool for monitoring and reporting

Whatagraph is a powerful tool used by marketers for campaign monitoring, reporting, and data visualization that integrates with countless advertising & social media channels including Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Shopify, Amazon, Pinterest, & others.

The tool gathers data across every channel & automatically unifies it within the platform for a single overview. After combining your data, you’re able to build visual reports to help clients understand the data across multiple campaigns & channels. You can share links for colleagues to combine efforts within your agency, or share details with clients to provide updated reports autonomously.

Use branded colors or add a company logo for personalization. Your report will represent the client’s brand, and they’ll appreciate the effort. By using a digital marketing tool like Whatagraph, you’ll reduce spending hours of manual data entry for visual reporting into only a few minutes.

Whatagraph dashboard for marketing analytics

Try Whatagraph for free.

Sitechecker {SEO}

Sitechecker offers an exceptional free SEO tool for digital marketing agencies, websites, brands & companies to gather keyword traffic statistics about websites.

You can discover the keywords performing best on Google search & exactly which keywords are generating the highest amount of organic traffic for any website. This website audit tool provides a detailed report on Google & Keyword Rankings, with great insight into which keywords are making your competitors successful. It will give you an idea on how to outperform your competition and increase your Google search-engine ranking.

Sitechecker offers a free 7-day trial for complete access to the Keyword Rank Checker, including the ability to track up to 100 website keywords every day. Additional features include Backlink Tracker, Site Monitoring, On Page Checker, Traffic Checker, Link Strategy & information dashboard.

We recommend all digital agencies to try out this keyword and digital marketing tool!

Sitechecker Keyword Position Checker.

ContentStudio {Social Media Management}

ContentStudio is an all in one content and social media management tool great for agencies, large and small businesses due to its versatility.

This digital marketing tool automates your social media posts and manages your scheduled posts on a visual editorial social media content calendar. You can discover trending blogs, tweets and Influencers and curate them to post on your social channels and blog platforms.

This tool gives detailed analytics of your social channels along with competitors analytics which helps you build a strong social media strategy for your brand.

ContentStudio is a garage of tools for content marketers, everything you need is there. After a 14-day free trial, the pricing starts from $49/month, making it an excellent choice for startups and small businesses.

Start your free trial

Alexa {SEM/SEO}

Alexa - convert audience

The Alexa Marketing Stack provides a set of invaluable analysis and promotional tools which help you discover untapped opportunities for generating traffic.

The Marketing Stack comes with two tools for growing your business. The Competitive Analysis Tool works wonders for any business as it gives you valuable insight as to what the competition is doing successfully so that you can implement the same principles in your website, service or product.

The SEO Tool helps you keep on top of your keyword game. It sorts keywords based on a difficulty ranking and also offers a competitor keyword matrix that lets you see which terms your competitors are using to work up the search results ladder.

Alexa - win clients, keep clients

Learn more about Alexa.

Backlinko Blog {SEO}

Backlinko - SEO - Traffic

When it comes to SEO-related resources, Backlinko’s blog blows the competition out of the water.

Even though sometimes it’s tempting to resort to tools that automate your work, nothing beats gathering more knowledge on your subject of choice. In this case, the SEO articles featured of Backlinko’s blog are suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and experiences.

Some of them can be really intimidating, such as 175 strategies for Link Building. Not to worry, Brian Dean has added some handy filters at the top of the page that can help you focus only on the techniques that reflect your experience level.

The articles in this blog are split into bite-size pieces of information that solve problems, all of them being readily available for anyone to pick up and implement in their day-to-day operations.

Backlinko - Link building strategies

Learn about Brian’s SEO techniques.

Getsitecontrol {Pop-ups}

Getsitecontrol provides an intuitive website popup builder to help companies generate more leads, boost sales, and gather feedback. Designed to appear on a page at the right moment, popups help companies passively grow their customer base and increase conversions.

Use Getsitecontrol to grow your business via the power of pop-ups

You can use Getsitecontrol to create email signup forms, feedback buttons, pop-up surveys, sticky bars, exit-intent popups, and website overlays. With the dedicated Shopify plugin, it’s especially efficient for ecommerce businesses looking to grow their email list, reduce cart abandonment, and upsell products. Precise audience targeting settings allow for displaying calls to action to visitors based on their location, device, UTM parameters or behavior on the website. Apart from Shopify, Getsitecontrol works on major platforms including Wix, Squarespace, Magento, BigCommerce & Woocommerce as well as others such as SAP Spartacus.

The Getsitecontrol popup gallery includes dozens of pre-designed templates you can grab and use on the website “as is”. However, the platform also provides advanced design customization tools, team access, and integration with 3rd-party cloud tools including hundreds of apps from the Zapier library.

Use the Getsitecontrol library for dozens of pre-defined templates for your pop-ups.

Getsitecontrol offers plans that scale with the success of your agency & rates are based on the monthly popup views for as low as $9/month. They offer a free 7-day trial for complete access to the entire suite of tools and no limitations. 


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PhotoADKing {Design}

PhotoADKing - graphic design software for any media

PhotoADKing is an excellent program for producing professional-looking graphics. You can easily use this tool to create social images, CTA buttons, posters, flyers, and infographics for free, regardless of your design experience. To assist you in customizing your project, PhotoADKing provides a large selection of templates, clip art, and fonts. This is an ideal digital marketing tool for those who do not have access to more advanced design platforms such as Photoshop or InDesign.

PhotoADKing graphics improve marketing strategy

We use PhotoADKing a lot to create infographics and gift cards for our website and social media posts. It’s an excellent method for creating branded, eye-catching graphics that get interactions on social media and appear in Google Image search. It’s the best Online Poster Maker that gives you the power of awesome poster design which you can customize hassle-free. Design awesome marketing materials using PhotoADKing and wow your audience with your designing skills.


EngageBay {All-in-One CRM – Marketing, Sales & Support Software}


EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing tool that provides a plethora of features for digital marketing agencies especially email ones, small businesses and even enterprises. EngageBay’s suite of tools aims at providing customer data, tailored content and better insights at each stage of the buyer’s journey. 

One of the major USPs of EngageBay is its visual drag and drop builder for building sales workflow, web forms and landing pages.

Right from email marketing solutions like email automation features and pre-made templates to social media management and scheduler tool, Engagebay has an arsenal of tools for marketers. 

Once you have set up the social media campaigns, you can track and manage all your social media platforms using a single dashboard. You can also check for your brand mentions to stay active and respond to your audience on social media. 

Not to forget, the customizable dashboard of EngageBay lets you set up metrics and KPIs for your campaign. You can schedule and automate the delivery of reports to your mail inbox and share it with anyone internally or externally. 

Above all, EngageBay offers a free plan for up to 15 users and a demo on request to give you a walkthrough of each of its features.

Social Status {Social Media Reporting & Analytics Dashboard}

Social Status - Profile Analytics screen

Social Status is perfect for digital agencies and marketing professionals who need to automate their social media reports for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Users can export professional reports to PDF, PowerPoint, or Google Slides. Reports can be white-labeled and completely customized for each client. Apart from owned social accounts, Social Status can also track Facebook and Instagram ad spend with support for all 14 ad objectives on Facebook.
In addition, you can benchmark performance against competitors and track all your influencer marketing campaigns in one unified dashboard.

Start automating your social media reports with Social Status.

Iconosquare {Social Media Analytics & Management}

Iconosquare is a Social Media Analytics, Management & Scheduling platform for digital marketing agencies to monitor their Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages.

This digital marketing tool unifies social media management across channels into a single dashboard. Detailed analytics & traffic statistics can be gathered across various social media accounts, hashtags, keywords, competitor profiles, pages, comments, likes & exported into various file formats such as PDF or CSV reports for presentation. Drafting content, scheduling & automatically publishing posts are great features on Iconosquare. Find the links & activities which drive organic traffic, then measure & improve your social media performance with in-depth, actionable insights. Test out all of these features easily using the 14 day trial.

Free tools by Iconosquare include Social Media Calendar, Facebook/Instagram Audit & others.

Learn more about Iconosquare.

Canva {Design}

Canva - design anything, publish anywhere

Canva is an example of a free graphic design software that allows anyone, regardless of experience, to create stunning imagery.

Looking to create something professional? Canva. Looking to create something inspiring? Canva. Looking to create something fun? Guess what… you can use Canva for almost anything!

Their super easy, drag, drop and design method can be learnt in under one minute and allows you to create professional looking designs for your website or social media posts without requiring you to have previous knowledge.

It’s also possible to take existing content you’ve created elsewhere, such as with a free image generator, and tinker with it in Canva. It’s an example of how you can often get the best results if you combine multiple marketing tools, rather than relying on just one for your campaigns.

Canva - amazing design
Canva – amazing design

You don’t even need to install anything. Just head straight to your website and you’ll be a designer in no time.

Start designing with Canva.

Airtable {Project organization}

Airtable - organize your projects

Airtable is generally regarded as a spreadsheet-database hybrid, but it has functionalities way beyond this underselling description.

It has the familiar look of a spreadsheet, but it gives you the power and abilities of a database. Customisable fields, drop-down menus, easy to embed images and attachments, Airtable can do them all.

In addition, you can have your data displayed in multiple formats, such as a calendar where you can drag and drop events for quick rescheduling, a kanban which features to-the-point descriptions in a card format, and a gallery view to which all people have been accustomed so far.

Digital Marketing teams can use Airtable as an all-in-one digital marketing tool for centralizing their brand assets, manage their projects and schedule events and deadlines.

Meet Airtable from Airtable on Vimeo.

Get organized with Airtable.

FactoHR {Human Resources Management}

Core use cases of FactoHR payroll software

If you wish to organize everything in one place, FactoHR is the best human resource management software. Salary and payroll processing, as well as attendance and performance management for your staff, are all available through the platform.

FactoHR will come in helpful whether you need to budget for HR spending or successfully onboard new personnel.

RankActive {Web Analytics Software}

RankActive is a cloud-based and fully-featured web analytics software that has many features like keywords rank checker, keyword finder, site auditor, etc.

RankActive promotional banner

RankActive provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. It is intelligent enough to understand what is happening with your website ranking. The tracker consists of everything that you might need to track your SEO growth. It can track rankings for all the major search engines in the market, and can also help you go local with Google Maps, Google Map Pack, and hundreds of country-specific search engines.

That’s not it, RankActive also offers features like white-label, which allows you to bind your subdomain to the account and mark the entire platform with your custom logo and description. And there’s a report center too which gets you the relevant data directly in your inbox. The minimal plan of RankActive starts from $99.99 per month and you can get the ultimate plan at $229.99 per month. There’s an option of the flexible plan too whose price depends on the number website.

Calendly {Automation}

Calendly gets rid of the misunderstandings that happen when booking meetings by using an adaptive calendar which can be managed by rules.

Rather than going back-and-forth with your clients and stakeholders trying to establish a time and date for your meeting, Calendly does that for you. Simply create an invitation with multiple options which you can send to your attendees. They can manage their own flexibility by choosing one of the options which suit all parties involved.

Calendly works across different time zones and is easily integrated with other calendar apps such as Google Calendar. Calendly is aware of your timetable and is automatically updated whenever something changes. You can even add a link to your meeting invite in emails and messages!

Save yourself the time and hassle of debating a meeting time by involving all parties and working with the existing availabilities.

Start scheduling your meetings with calendly.

CoSchedule {Content Marketing}


CoSchedule is a marketing calendar with comprehensive features which centralizes content and helps with project management-related organisation.

This tool can help digital agencies by providing a single platform for organising projects. It offers efficient ways of managing multiple clients and meet deadlines. It can automate processes with the use of customisable workflows, increasing the efficiency of your operations.

As the name suggests, CoSchedule also provides a multi-functional calendar that can help lay out a clear representation of the tasks ahead.

CoSchedule - content marketing calendar

Performance tracking can be achieved using their analytics tools that help you visualize which strategies are working and which need improvement.

Learn more about CoSchedule.

CoSchedule Blog {Content Marketing}

Content Blog - CoSchedule

Besides their excellent tool covered earlier, CoSchedule also has blog page full of great resources for anything marketing related.

Let’s see what type of topics they cover:

CoSchedule - blog

Yes, please!

There was no need to scroll below the first few blog posts to find all the goodies. All their articles are long-form and informative, they are exceptionally well structured and their use of graphics keep you engaged all throughout.

It’s definitely one of the better resources for marketing out there. Compared to an intimidating textbook, CoSchedule separates content into bite-size pieces and it’s regularly updated.

Get informed on CoSchedule Blog.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot has several tools to help you grow your business, no matter what stage you’re at.

Starting out, there are several tools available for free. You can set up web forms, popup forms, and live chat software for lead capture. Then, you can send email marketing campaigns, pipe all of your data into the free CRM, and analyze site visitors’ behavior.

When you expand into the paid tiers, things get really sophisticated with advanced marketing automation.

From managing your content and social media to tracking emails and connecting with your leads, HubSpot is an all-in-one solution — although it works well with other point solutions you may use (Typeform, HotJar, etc.).

Ultimately, the tool allows you to:

  • Grow your traffic, convert leads, and prove ROI for your inbound marketing campaigns
  • Shorten deal cycles and increase close rates with the provided sales tools.
25 Tools for Digital Agencies - HubSpot - Usersnap Blog

Get for infor on HubSpot Marketing website.

Costlocker {Project Management}

Costlocker is a financial management tool which gives you insights on profitability, expenditure and cost saving.

It can be used for managing your business or managing projects. It is very powerful and can help you set up budgets for projects, get detailed reports on their performance and run predictive analysis to see whether everything is on track, performing better or will run over.

Costlocker helps you bring your financial efficiency to the maximum. No holes in your budget bucket will pass unnoticed. All contracts can be easily scrutinised and determined whether they bring enough value for the amount of money paid of them.

CoLocker - financial

If there is one digital marketing tool that can help your agency with achieving your financial goals, this is it.

Track the profitability of your projects.

Smaply {UX}

Smaply - Screenshot
Smaply – Screenshot

Smaply is an online tool which helps to create, share and present customer journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps. Easily integrate customer experience design tools in your daily work and increase your customer satisfaction.

Start designing your customer journeys.

Google Analytics Debugger {Tracking}

Google Analytics Debugger

The Analytics Debugger is a browser extension which captures and sends information to the Google Analytics server.

If you ever felt that there’s something missing from your Google Analytics report, this browser extension might just be what you need. It’s a wonderful, easy-to-use tool for those who are interested in optimizing their website reporting.

It informs you when your analytics tracking code is set up incorrectly through error messages printed in the developer’s console.

Get the Chrome Addon.

Google Webmasters {SEO}

Google Webmasters is a tool with numerous resources which help you gather knowledge about website optimisation and guide you on your way to becoming a Master of the Web.

Digital Marketing Agencies and SaaS Marketing Agencies can make great use of Google’s take on SEO. Google is the largest search engine in use today and Webmaster helps you with optimising your pages and websites in order to get them to rank high in search results.

Google Webmaster

It offers a great support tool which features top-issues support documentation, as well as testing abilities. As long as you are the creative force behind your website, Google Webmasters can take care of all technical aspects.

They also offer free courses and guides that give you a better understanding of Google’s ranking system, setting you up for long-term success.

To Google Webmasters.

Google Trends {SEO,SEM,Content Marketing}

Google Trends

Make use of the world’s most used search engine by gaining insights with Google Trends. It displays plenty of data regarding the latest search trends.

You can do a side by side comparison of two or more terms to see which one has been more searched for. You will see a trendline across time that can help you identify events which influenced the search terms. The region breakdown shows in which country or state this search term has been most popular.

It’s free, quick and powerful. It’s a fantastic digital marketing tool to use whether you are a beginner or a professional, as the insights it offers are valuable and can get onto your screen in no time.

Google Trends

To Google Trends.

HopperHQ {Social Media Management}

HopperHQ for social media management

HopperHQ is a Social Media management, analytics, and scheduling tool which works best for social media marketers running errands. 

This tool will help you plan and schedule social media posts, visuals, stories, and more. The advantages include speed, quality, simplicity, and more. Additionally, HopperHQ will also help attract the right audience and tailor your Instagram posts for better exposure and engagement.

You can integrate social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and manage everything from one spot. Moreover, you can create posts and publish directly from your desktop. As for pricing, you have both annual and monthly options to choose from.

SendX (Email Marketing)

SendX email marketing software for businesses

SendX is an Intuitive and affordable email digital marketing tool.  With one of the simplest UIs in the industry, SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, best of breed email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their Email Marketing. 

There are nearly 50 email templates inside SendX which can be used for various use cases like the holiday season, newsletter, product launch, promotions, eCommerce, online courses, etc. We also feature one of the biggest email template collections from across the web with over 1500+ templates.

With SendX, you can make your marketing go into auto-pilot mode. Segment the customers on the basis of demography, subscriber behavior and more than 25+ other parameters. You can increase revenue with transactional emails and reach the target customers at the appropriate time through scheduling. 

SendX with cell phone for automatic email sequences

Try SendX now!

Hotjar {Tracking}

Hotjar - visual way to understand users

Hotjar offers insights into visitors’ behaviour on your website with a multitude of tools and statistics.

Can’t figure out how your visitors are interacting with your websites? Hotjar can give you plenty of details in regards to how they interact with your website.
Hotjar offers heatmaps which display the page elements with which the customers interacted the most and the least. This is an incredibly useful tool for any digital agency who’s looking at optimizing landing and sales pages by changing the layouts and keywords used, all backed by strong visitor behaviour data.

Hotjar - Heatmaps

In addition, Hotjar also has features such as recording, conversion funnel analysis, feedback polls, and surveys. You can get a comprehensive report on your websites based on metrics you didn’t even know you can report on.

Learn how your users interact with your page.

Jira {Project Management}

Jira - Project Management

Jira is an incredibly powerful tool that has been targeted toward software developers, but its functionality can help any team.

Jira promotes a simple Plan, Track, Release, Report work model that can simplify complex projects and ensure that all stakeholders are kept up-to-date.

Jira - Workflows

You can use Jira to automate your process, either by using one of their pre-made workflows or by creating a bespoke one for your team. This tool alone can save hundreds of man-hours and increase your team’s satisfaction as they can use their time more wisely rather than keep doing repetitive administrative tasks.

Jira’s functionality can be increased even further due to its integration capabilities with other software developed by Atlassian.

Get the Usersnap Integration for Jira.

Learn more about Jira.

KWFinder {SEO, SEM}

KWFinder, or Key Word Finder, helps you with identifying which words and terms are best in order to optimize your content for search engines.

It is extremely simple to use and offers invaluable data. By typing in a starting keyword relating to your product or service, KWFinder will provide you suggestions and a multitude of statistics relating to them.

KWFinder - find keywords

It will show data such as trends, number of searches, PPC and CPC values, and, above all, a Difficulty Score.

It offers insights from Google search results regarding your selected keywords and provides a list of sites that you are able to overtake in searching ranks!

KWFinder has a handy digital marketing tool that allows you to find similar terms based on the suggestions it provided earlier, equipping you with hundreds of related options which you might have not even considered.

Learn more about KWFinder.

MadKudu {Lead Generation}

MadKudu - lead scoring

MadKudu can help increase sales by giving you and your team insightful data about potential and existing customers.

Don’t waste any more of your or your sales’ team time by chasing leads which will never buy your product. MadKudu can help you identify only leads with true potential of conversion. They offer the data you need to make intelligent and efficient decisions, maximizing your return on investment.

MadKudu - lead scoring for sales teams

You can schedule in a call with the MadKudu team to get a demo of their tool and also get a consultation regarding your current sales operations.

Learn more about lead scoring.

Mural.co {Team Collboration}

Mural - collaboration

Mural promotes a Digital First approach through their interactive whiteboard. It is a collaborative tool which works across teams and countries.

Rather than trying to convert your existing files, documents, notes and plans into a digital format and get a less-than-optimum result, you can make everything digital right from the get-go!

Mural takes care of all inter-office communication as its platforms can be open to everybody in your business. Because of this, nobody needs to get second-hand information and everybody can participate regardless of their location.

Mural - collaboration

It maintains many features of a physical whiteboard, such as adding sticky notes and drawing, explaining concepts where words alone are not enough.

Adopting Mural can be a big step in improving project management, communications and meetings. It is a great tool which promotes creativity and saves a lot of hassle that comes with file management, both physical and digital.

Test out Mural.cc.

Reforge Blog {Growth Marketing}

Reforge blog

If you are looking to learn more about business growth, the Reforge Blog will give you a long list of captivating articles.

You would think that the fact that almost all their articles have the word Growth in their title that they only want to rank high in the search results. Well, they do rank high, but their content is also highly informative.

Reforge - growth loops

Their articles are easy to follow through and contain must-know information for anyone who has even the slightest interest in growing their business. With such a specialized blog, you can be sure that they cover all topics related to growth and offer in-depth, expert knowledge on the subject.

Learn more about growth marketing techniques.

Unbounce {Growth Marketing}

Unbounce - convert more leads

Unbounce improves website conversion rates by helping with the design of landing pages.

It’s an incredible digital marketing tool that allows you to create your own, optimized, stunning, landing pages. It also has tools for building pop-ups and sticky bars.

On their website, you will be able to see that they have their landing page builder available to play around with!

Unbounce - landing page tool

It’s easy to drag, drop, change, replace, resize, and anything else you can think of. Once a visitor enters your website, his attention will surely be captured.

Unbounce also has a section dedicated to metadata which can help you bring up your website to the top of the search engine results.

It’s the one-two punch of customer retention, all in one tool!

Start setting up Landingpages.

Understanding SEO {SEO}

Understanding SEO - book

Understanding SEO by Franz Enzenhofer is worth its weight in gold. It tackles the complex Search Engine Optimization process and draws the framework required for good implementation.

Let’s not forget that books are the best platform for learning new information and that they are unlikely to be overthrown anytime soon. Understanding SEO focuses solely on organic optimization and strays away for advertisements for PPC.

The book is full of bold statements that put forward the author’s perspective clearly. You know exactly what you’re getting straight from the short description on the back of the book. It is targeted towards people with experience in the field, as it is heavy on theory and light on examples, relying on the reader’s experience and imagination for understanding the concepts presented.

Understanding SEO - intro

Learn how to supercharge your SEO.

userbrain {User Feedback}

Userbrain – User Testing made Easy

For everybody who ever struggled with user testing, Userbrain will feel like a breath of fresh air which makes it easy to receive in-depth user feedback.

Maximizing user satisfaction through a well-developed service or process can be done through consistent user testing. Userbrain is great as it both gathers feedback from real people and automates the communication process with an easy to use interface.

Userbrain - user testing made easy
Userbrain – user testing made easy

Rather than arranging calls, meetings, or even worse, communicating through emails, Userbrain sends you comprehensive audio-visual feedback in video format. The users are not pressured into the testing and can give an honest and positive response straight from their own home.

You also have the chance to test your product on various devices, getting an accurate image of the devices currently in use today.

Learn more about Userbrain.

WP Rocket {SEO}

WP Rocket - make wordpress load fast

WP Rocket does one thing, and it does exceptionally well. It speeds up the loading time of WordPress websites.

Ever checked out a website that took way longer than expected to load? Come on, it’s 2024! The world doesn’t hold still and neither should your website.

WP Rocket - optimize WordPress

WP Rocket takes care of that in no time. Their plugin is easy to use, implement and delivers results straight away. Their ‘Decision, not options’ mantra is a breath of fresh air for all people who want to install something without spending hours upon hours of learning and tinkering with parameters.

Speed up your WordPress with WP Rocket.

Zapier {Automation}

Zapier - connect your apps and automate workflows

Zapier links together your existing tools to create an automated process which increases efficiency.

It is compatible with thousands of other digital marketing tools, so you can make a single process that saves you from the hassle of working between websites and platforms.

Got an email with an attachment? Store it to your Google Drive. And share with all your team. And update Trello. All without lifting a finger.

It has an intuitive design and anyone regardless of technical expertise can jump in to set their own workflow and save themselves time and brainpower.

Zapier helps you to automate boring, repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks and allows you to focus on the important parts of your role.

Zapier - creating zaps

Start automizing your workflows.

Assemble your digital marketing tools

Working smart means using smart digital marketing tools to help you save time and increase the quality of work. As we all know too well, emails, sticky notes and and spread sheets have its limits! Choose the digital marketing tools that fits you and your team’s processes and really resolves your pain points, rather than something that feels cool but still keeps you in the office on Friday afternoons.

This post was brought to you by Usersnap. Usersnap helps you work together with your team, communicate effortlessly, and build the products of the future.

Capture user feedback easily. Get more insights and make confident product decisions.

Microsurveys by Usersnap

Getting feedback has never been easier and we hope you’ve realized that after reading this article. Let us know what you think, your feedback is important.

And if you’re ready to try out a customer feedback software, Usersnap offers a free trial. Sign up today or book a demo with our feedback specialists.