Is Email the best customer support channel?

A lot has been written on how companies can grow their business through customer success. The terms “customer success” or “customer experience” seem to be the new buzzwords in the growth-driven tech world.

These discussions are great, and we at Usersnap believe that customer support and customer success are important factors when it comes to business success.

However, I do believe that some basic and core questions remain unanswered. And one of these questions is this:

Is email still the best customer support channel?
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6 Ways for Web Product Managers to Collect Customer Feedback

You’ve just launched your new product or you just finished building a new website, and now you wonder what your customers think about those changes.

How do you collect customer feedback in the best way possible to answer your questions?

Can customer feedback really provide insights to improve your product?

Let’s see 6 ways you can approach it.
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What it takes to win with customer experience management

Customer service is important. Super important. If you underestimate the importance of excellent customer service, chances are somewhat slim to win your customers as your most important influencers.

In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know about customer experience and why it truly matters for your business.

So better let’s get started.

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How to use Usersnap as your main customer support software

A couple of days ago, a customer asked us if we know of any great customer support tool which works similar as Usersnap does for bug tracking. But just for customer support.

Here’s the good news.

We all know that Usersnap is your best visual feedback and bug tracking tool during development but did you also know that Usersnap can be the best customer support tool for you as well?

Here’s everything you need to know.
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6 proven ways to boost customer happiness

Finding bugs in your product is part for your customer’s journey. A stable product means happier users and less user tension. But there’s more to making customers happy than having a bug-free product. This is where customer success comes in.

The term customer success was coined only in recent years but it is already big with SaaS companies in the Valley. The idea is that making sure your customers are successful ensures a higher customer LTV (Lifetime Value), reduces churn and boosts your NPS (Net Promoter Score).

At Server Density, we think about customer success a lot. Here are 6 things we do to ensure our customers are happy and making the most of our product.

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Don’t listen to your users. Let them show you.

Today I stumbled upon something quite shocking. I got hooked while re-reading a couple of our blog posts on the topic of customer support and how you should engage with your customers and users.

In this blog post I’d like to show you what we got wrong and why you should not listen to your users. I will also tell you what you should do instead.
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Power up your customer support with Freshdesk & Usersnap!

Freshdesk is a simple and easy-to-use customer support software used by some well-known companies such as Sony, Cisco and many others. More and more customers are approaching us on how to get more out Usersnap by integrating it with Freshdesk.

So, I’d like to show you how to boost your customer support by integrating Freshdesk with Usersnap.

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How we implement new product features backed by customer feedback!

In our recent post I’ve shown you how we interpret and live up to the “release early, release often” paradigm of software development. In this post I’m going to show you how we handle feature requests and implement new product features. Everything backed by customer feedback.

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How to build Customer Communities

Customer Communities for Dummies by Wendy LeaProbably the most sensible way to leverage screenshot functionality is in building customer communities. Social media best practice is moving toward proactively managed enterprise communities that benefit from many of the features of traditional, consumer social media (and also enjoy many enhancements). Consumers appreciate your Facebook page, and might be willing to hit ‘like’ every now and then, but they don’t always appreciate discussions from their brand of dish soap popping up on their private wall.

Managed customer communities are proven to lower customer support costs. Customers develop a large repository of FAQ and support material that is easily managed and analyzed through a platform such as Get Satisfaction. An excellent primer in customer community building was written by Get Satisfaction’s CEO, Wendy Lea, who has been a great advocate for the evolution of enterprise social media away from the fuzzy metrics of the FB page, and toward active, managed communities with a measurable impact on ROI. Continue Reading “How to build Customer Communities”

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