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website feedback tool for design drafts

Usersnap provides 5 different tools which your visitors can use to add feedback to their current screen. By default – when you didn’t change any tool parameters in the

By default – when you didn’t change any tool parameters in the widget customization – Usersnap will add the highlighting tool, the blackout tool, the comment tool, a pen and the note tool:

Feedback Widget from Usersnap

The following tools are available at your disposal:

  • Highlight
  • Blackout
  • Note
  • Pen
  • Comment
  • Arrow

Simply add your required tools in an array in the Usersnap configuration object.
The following example uses the pen, the blackout and the note tool:

   <script type="text/javascript">
     var _usersnapconfig = {
         apiKey: 'YOUR-API-KEY-HERE',
         tools: ['pen', 'blackout', 'note']

The tools parameter follows the order you’ve specified in the tools array.
The example above will look like:

Feedback widget settings


The highlight tool may be used to indicate important areas on the page. The created highlighted areas can be easily removed by clicking the [trash bin] icon in the upper right corner.

Highlight tool for feedback widget


Your users can black out private areas on your page with a black rectangle, when they think an image or block of text is superfluous. If you want to remove a blackened area you can easily remove by clicking the [bin] icon in the upper right corner.

How the blackout tool for feedback widget works


With the note tool you can put detailed information to the screenshot. Use it like you would use a sticky note on paper. You can move the sticky note with drag and drop!

Note Tool Feedback Widget


The pen tool allows you to make free annotations on your website. You can remove the line by using the [bin] icon when you are near the line.

Note Tool Feedback Widget


The arrow tool enables you to point out specific parts of the website. You can remove the arrow by using the [X] icon when you are near the arrow.

Arrow Tool Usersnap Feedback Widget

Pixel Ruler

One of the less known annotation tools of the Usersnap feedback widget is the Pixel Ruler. You can simply measure the width or height of a certain section on your site with the pixel ruler. It’s pretty awesome!

Pixel Ruler for Feedback Widget

Start configuring your dream team of tools today!

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