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We have asked 6 experts about user testing and product development to bring you cutting-edge ideas, insights, and lessons learned.

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We talked to

Amanda Richardson

Amanda Richardson

VP of Product
at HotelTonight

Hotel Tonight logo
Callie Wheeler

Callie Wheeler

Product Manager
at Prezi

Prezi logo
Justin Gallagher

Justin Gallagher

VP of Product
at Trello

Trello logo
Leif Singer


at Automattic

Automattic logo
Thomas Schranz

Thomas Schranz

Founder & CEO
at Blossom

Blossom logo
Amanda Richardson


Head of Product
at Typeform

Typeform logo
The e-book of User Testing


→ How to plan and optimize user testing
→ The consumer adoption process
→ Experience vs. product design
→ Cognitive psychology 101 for user testing
→ Popular user testing methods
→ Best practices from big companies

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