Usersnap For Your Enterprise: 5 Noteworthy Features!

Many years ago Usersnap started out as a simple feedback widget which can be embedded on any website or application. Over time we’ve added our beloved project dashboard, browser extensions, and other benefits which are now used and loved by our community.

Today, I’d like to show you features which are particularly beneficial for large corporations.
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Web design is dead. Long live experience design.

In a recent Offscreen magazine issue, Eric Meyer, a famous consultant, author, and web designer explains why he stopped calling himself a “web designer” and prefers the title “experience designer” instead.

In the realm of the design world today, the term “web design” has become something of an understatement, especially when we look at where web design has come from compared to 20 years ago.

The traditional idea of web design has evolved tremendously, especially in the last couple of years. The web is all around us, no matter if we think about smart bubbles, glasses, or other IoT devices. I guess the pioneers of the web, would be surprised in which devices web design can be found nowadays.

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The Best Redmine Plugins to Boost Your Project Management

Redmine is used by many web teams around the globe. It’s flexible, web-based and runs open source. In this article, we are going to show you how to get more out of your Redmine projects by integrating it with some great Redmine plugins.

But before we dig into the Redmine, we do cover some basics of Redmine.

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Meet the community: Luciano Mammino, software developer from Sicily

Luciano Mammino is a web developer, entrepreneur, butterfly maker and since recently, a book author. Luciano is also one of our guest writers for our own blog where he published great tutorials on how to build fast web applications.

This week we had a chance to sit down with Luciano to talk about his book release and discuss the latest development trends.

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Our Divi 3.0 review: A new visual builder for WordPress

On September 7th, 2016, Divi 3.0, as a new way to build WordPress websites, was released.

Divi 3.0 not only brings WYSIWYG-style editing to WordPress but it also makes building WordPress websites way easier. Doesn’t matter if you’re a WordPress developer or a complete newbie, you should definitely consider Divi 3.0.

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How to set up a blog without WordPress

WordPress is a great tool. In fact, about 50% of all websites out there use WordPress. So, it’s no wonder that when you’re thinking of starting a blog for your company or simply develop a new website, WordPress is one of the first things that comes to mind.

But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and sometimes, you’re better off looking elsewhere. At least you should consider other alternatives to WordPress before getting starting without losing even a thought.
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In praise of QA: What is Quality Assurance?

I’m super happy to work with a company that puts a lot of energy into the quality assurance part of every single software development project.

Quality assurance is a discipline that’s overlooked and under-appreciated. We produce software, share it with the team, test it, collect feedback, ask beta testers and then do it over again. Share, test, collect, ask, repeat. Yup, that’s pretty much it.

Yet people treat quality assurance as something superficial – a few tests here, a few user feedback there, and with one big eye staring at the release button.
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Is Email the best customer support channel?

A lot has been written on how companies can grow their business through customer success. The terms “customer success” or “customer experience” seem to be the new buzzwords in the growth-driven tech world.

These discussions are great, and we at Usersnap believe that customer support and customer success are important factors when it comes to business success.

However, I do believe that some basic and core questions remain unanswered. And one of these questions is this:

Is email still the best customer support channel?
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The art of error: 17 software companies with creative 404 pages

We at Usersnap love 404 pages. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t want our website visitors, customers, and users to see our 404 page. Because it would mean that something went wrong. A broken link or some other mixup.

But if someone happens to see our 404 page, she should get at least some fun out of it. And luckily we’re not alone here. More and more software companies are putting fantastic 404 pages out there.
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7 unexpected lessons learned from writing 200+ articles

I love to write. For me, writing is a special place where I feel good and happy.

Writing is so much more for me than just the process of writing. It motivates me, it educates me, it inspires me, it connects me with like-minded people.

Just recently, I discovered something pretty awesome. In the last 18 months, I have written 200+ articles. That’s 11 articles per month or 2,75 articles per week. It might not sound a lot for some people, but for me it definitely is.

These are the top 7 things I’ve learned about writing design articles, development tutorials, and reviews on tools and frameworks. I’m grateful for each lesson, and I’m excited to learn more as I continue my journey.
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