The evolution of buttons in web design

Buttons are a simple element of interactive design, used everyday by people browsing the web. As web design has changed over time and new trends appeared every now and then, the design of buttons evolved too.

The challenge of button design is quite simple: Buttons must be designed in a way that they are recognized as buttons and users can expect the action which is followed by the button.

In this article, I’ll give you an overview of the evolution of button design and how to create modern web buttons.
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How to improve communication between developers and designers on web projects

Developers and designers have very different job profiles. In fact, they also have very different perspectives, i.e. different ways in which they look at the same thing.

One example: While a website designer looks at the whole external feel of a design, sets the scope for it and decides on how people connect with it, the job of a developer is very different. He or she is the one who has to make that idea work seamlessly on the inside, using code to its best advantage.

With job descriptions that are so different, there is one thing that is of extreme importance: how the idea of the “external” web design connects with the internal workings of the project in order to make it a seamless experience.

Only when developers and designers work as a team, will the end user be able to truly benefit from the application. It’s only then that they will get a product that looks great, is easy to use and is relatively error-free.

So, today we’re going to look at the communication between developers and designers. And how we can improve it.
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How to manage your software development project without a project manager!

When resources are limited you might face the challenge of building and developing a new software without having a full-time project manager.

The tasks of project management in software development aren’t easy. But here’s the good news:

In this article, I’m going to show you how to successfully manage your software project without having the skills and resources of a project manager.
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Please NEVER use these phrases when talking to developers

I’ll never forget the first time, I made a gaffe. I had no clue what my colleague was actually doing in his role of a web developer.

I had no experience in web development and somehow I just said: ”That cannot be that difficult, right?”

Ups. I just made a big mistake.

My colleague on the other side, simply looked annoyed. And a bit frustrated. So, please do me a favor, and avoid the following phrases. Simply avoid saying these things. Please.

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The Basics of Modern Browser Testing!

About a year ago, we published this article on how to get started with browser testing in less than 2 hours. A bold statement, right?

Well, ever since a lot of things happened. New browsers appeared on the market and they got way more powerful.

So, today I’m going to show you everything you need to know about the state of art of browser testing. Plus: There’s also a free browser testing checklist for you to download.
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20 top designers to follow on Instagram

When Instagram started out it was a medium for the youngsters to share images and show what a good time they were having.

It has moved beyond its early adopters to a consumer-driven social media platform and now emerged as a professional’s visually driven network.

As a result, a growing number of designers are now taking to this medium to showcase their works.

So whether you’re a designer seeking for inspiration or a person looking to share your work, here is a compilation of the best boards to get inspired.

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How to be a faster programmer: 7 helpful tips for being faster & more successful.

A while ago, I published some ideas on how to become a faster programmer on Quora. Since then, people have left comments and wrote follow-up questions.

I think I have dipped into an interesting topic and decided to collect my tips in a blog post. I hope you’ll find it helpful and it will make your life as a programmer more productive.

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How to prioritize bugs? Behind the scenes of defect management processes.

Time management is key in most software development projects. Especially when a lot of bugs start to come in, features requests pop up and new feature releases are just around the corner, you might wonder how to manage the time of your developers most effectively.

And one of the first questions will be: How should I prioritize all these bug reports?
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