The Best Developers and Designers to follow on Snapchat

Today, the third most used Internet app, Snapchat, has an estimated worth of 15 billion dollars.

Known once-upon-a-time as a social media connectivity tool only for celebs, gossipmongers, fashionistas and selfie-freaks, it has now been discovered by many others as well.

This mobile-only social network is not just great for personal interactions, but is a wonderful tool for businesses both large and small. Its usage has moved beyond just taking selfies. It has evolved into telling stories. And riding the new wave, many developers and designers now use Snapchat on a regular basis.
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How to get started with issue tracking (+ free issue tracker template)

Tracking issues for a software project is often a tedious task, and given the number of variables involved, it can get rather annoying to control mistakes that occur.

With a number of bugs and errors happening at the same time, it becomes imperative to install an internal workflow and toolchain for your issue tracking team.

This has increased importance during today’s times when developers need to assure that the product is high in quality and has minimal issues.

So we decided to provide you with this ultimate guide on how to get started with issue tracking.

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How to speed up your WordPress site in 2 hours.

When developing a new website, chances are high that you end up using WordPress. And that’s a great thing.

About 50% of all website are built with WordPress. And when using WordPress you’re on a good way when it comes to your website speed.

However, there might be some WordPress problems, caused by your WordPress template (and other plugins) which are slowing your website down.

Today, I’d like to share the journey we undertook in order to speed up our WordPress site. And the great news is: You can do it too! Pretty much without a lot of coding skills needed.

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What is Software Testing?

Your software application is acting weird: it’s crashing during quality analysis and the front-end application isn’t working as expected! You need a software testing team to figure out the problem areas of your application.

The testing team finds and reports bugs to the developers. The testers just saved the project team from a nightmare! That’s what a software tester primarily does.

They’re the experts in finding and reporting software bugs and flaws.

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10 mistakes to avoid when tracking bugs. A glimpse into the world of bug tracking.

Errors happen during the entire web development cycle. And that’s perfectly normal. No matter how hard a team tries, errors creep into projects. But this means that there is always room for improvement.

You’ll find hundreds of lists out there talking about mistakes that can be avoided during web development projects.

However, most of these lists mainly deal with the managerial and technical aspects of the web development process. They rarely cover the other critical components, such as the stage of Quality Assurance (QA).

In this article, you’ll find some insights on 10 bug tracking mistakes to avoid.
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Running 3D graphics inside the browser with Three.JS. A first review by Usersnap.

Over the last few years, browsers got some super powers. They evolved from simple viewers for HTML & CSS to platforms executing our beloved web applications.

With developments, such as WebGL or tracking.js, developers can do incredible things inside browsers.

Recently we stumbled upon Three.js. So we decided to do a review on how browsers are moving to a 3D world by making use of new libraries.

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Human-centered bug reporting with visual elements

Especially in the last couple of years, the web has become a more visual place. GIFs, memes, emojis, screenshots and other visual elements are widely used on the web today.

Not only used in private conversations, but visual elements are also reshaping other areas, such as bug reporting as well.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the role of humans in bug reporting and answer the question about the role of visual elements in bug reports.
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New study reveals the state of client collaboration in development & design

We at Usersnap teamed up with Assembla to survey nearly 1.000 agencies, development & design companies throughout the world and across industries. We uncovered how client collaboration in web development has changed over the years, and how it needs to change.

The State of Client Collaboration in Development & Design Survey Report explores the field of client work and how collaboration is evolving.

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