8 powerful Usersnap features you probably don’t know about

Over the last three years, Usersnap has grown to a fully fledged bug tracking and feedback tool. It has become the go-to tool for large-scale enterprises, as well as small & young software startups.

Today, I’m going to show you eight hidden gems which you probably haven’t discovered.

Stay with me and impress your colleagues in your next meeting.
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A glimpse into the world of Usersnap’s desktop screens

Most of us work all day in front of a computer. Some rely on desktop computers, others use portable laptops. In any case, we’re sitting in front of our devices all day (and sometimes night) long.

I thought it would be fun to give you some insights into how the Desktop home screens of our Usersnappies look like.

So here they are. With a glimpse of our most favourite apps.
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Power up your customer support with Freshdesk & Usersnap!

Freshdesk is a simple and easy-to-use customer support software used by some well-known companies such as Sony, Cisco and many others. More and more customers are approaching us on how to get more out Usersnap by integrating it with Freshdesk.

So, I’d like to show you how to boost your customer support by integrating Freshdesk with Usersnap.

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Chrome Extension Update: New Shortcut Feature & Tab Update

We are happy to announce new features for our Usersnap Chrome Extension! We added a new keyboard shortcut to the chrome extension, as well as an update for managing the browser tabs.

New Keyboard Shortcut

We added a new shortcut (default: Alt + U) to the Chrome extension which lets you open the extension in a very simplistic way. Instead of clicking on the extension icon you can open Usersnap by pressing “Alt + U” (or any other shortcut of your choice). Find the option in the extension options by right-clicking on the Usersnap icon.



The added feature is particularly helpful for annotating mouse-over popups, dropdown boxes or any other pull-down menu. By using the shortcut you can now annotate all these “dynamic contents”.


Tab Update

With the updated Chrome extension we improved the behaviour of the extension. If you open the Usersnap extension by clicking the extension icon in your browser, the screen for your annotations will now open in a tab right next to your opened browser tab. After finishing your annotations you are redirected to your “old” browser tab which allows you to continue browsing the web just where you stopped beforehand.

Do you miss any features?

If you have any feature ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us: help@usersnap.com or leave us a tweet @usersnap.

You don’t have the Chrome extension installed?

Visit the Chrome Web Store and download the Usersnap browser extension.

RWD Feedback: New in Chrome Extension 1.1.0

Responsive Web Design Feedback

Our Chrome extension is responsive ready and supports the new Chrome Device Mode! Add RWD feedback and bug reports for your web project with the Usersnap extension and work on it in the Usersnap dashboard!

What’s New?

Check out the new Usersnap comment tool which combines highlights and sticky notes! This new tool is a huge time saver, enable it in your widget settings now. Next to the new “open screenshot function” we’ve added bug fixes for the settings dialog.

Do you miss any features?

If you have any feature ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us: help@usersnap.com or leave a tweet @usersnap. We are waiting for your ideas!

You don’t have the Chrome extension installed?

Install it from here

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