Here’s what you missed at Usersnap’s Customer-Centric Growth Virtual Summit 2020

Here’s what you missed at Usersnap’s Customer-Centric Growth Virtual Summit 2020

Usersnap’s 1st virtual summit, The Journey To Customer-Centric Growth, set sail on May 20th 2020. In case you’ve missed it, replays of all 49 talks are still available for the following month. We’re also here to do a recap for the hottest topics that came up and the most upvoted talks by attendees.  

Customers are evolving, and so should your CX practices

Technology, customer behaviors and the unforeseeable pandemic were the hot topics many of the speakers touched on and asked about by the audience. (Funnily, these 3 elements are also what sparked the virtual summit to happen!)

What do the 3 have in common? Change. The society and market are constantly shifting and it’s sometimes hard for companies and products to keep up. 

But we believe that by being customer-centric, letting customers be the GPS on your journey, you will always find a way to grow and be successful. That’s what we hope this summit conveys.

Let’s look at the achievements scorecard

51 speakers from around the globe shared their success stories, strategies and hacks at the event. 900+ attendees poured in and accumulated 6500+ views on the first day. As the talks are still available to rewatch and tickets can still be purchased, the numbers will only keep climbing!

18 giveaways provided by the speakers were drawn to lucky winners, and exclusive perks for UX and CX tools were given out. For example, one giveaway was 50% off Usersnap – the customer feedback tool for websites and webapps. 

80+ people joined “after-party” in the format of a private networking Slack group, Feedback Tribe. You can continuously bounce questions and ideas with fellow Customer Experience, Customer Success and digital Product Managers, and the speakers are keen to share more insights as well.

Feedback Tribe - the place to network after the Customer-Centric Growth Summit 2020

“…The talks were really useful and helped to think more strategically about the wider (CX) picture rather than just zooming in on the details.”

says a Customer Success Manager from the UK

As for the event planning side of things, we’re certainly not professionals in that area, but the team applied striking research, outreach, marketing, social media, support/service and project management skills to pull together the summit, all alongside our daily tasks. And the feedback we received from the audience can speak for itself:

“Excellent, timely communication; abundant advertising; easily shared links to the summit; great speakers!!”

Managing Customer Experience – more easily said than done

One of the main reasons why we launched this summit and focused on speakers with hands-on experiences in scaling CX is that we understand how difficult creating a consistent long-term strategy and unlocking tangible results for CX is.

A good place to start is Kasia Szokalska’s talk: CXM 101, introducing the 5 pillars for you to start approaching CX. Jeannie Walters further shared how to recognize “moments that matter” to build trust with customers, or break it completely. Yakup Bayrak presented a very practical formula in calculating the ROI of UX/CX. The Macquarium team discussed the challenges of converting data to action and the positive impact of intentional design. 

Get inspired by Klaus-M. Schremser’s story that’s full of ups-and-downs on the making of a customer-centric company. SPOILER ALERT: it has a happy ending with remarkable growth rates of 200% in customer acquisition and 155% in product trial signups.  

Great CX starts with listening to your customers

The talks are split into 6 categories, Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer Journey, Qualitative Feedback, Employee Experience and Marketing & Growth. 

For the Qualitative Feedback category, we’re proud to have Joe Rice from Twitter speak about leveraging social media to identify trends and changing consumer preferences, which ultimately helps you and I make better business decisions. 

Your customers are talking. Are you ready to start listening?

Simon Green’s talk points out the dynamics of modern technology and customer expectations, instead of maximizing performance you should think about maximizing customer value.

Typeform’s Victor Fremiot gave tooltips on building and streamlining customer feedback loops. And Derric Haynie presented a compelling case study of how real-time live chat boosts revenue by 13%

Of course, we can’t miss out on some user interview advice. Learn from Dayana Mayfield about reporter-style questioning and in-the-moment listening to become an expert in understanding your customers and giving them the right solutions.

Customer Success is the driving force of customer satisfaction  

It is important for you to recognize the difference in Customer Experience and Customer Success/Support/Service. And at the same time, acknowledge the influence of CS on overall CX. There were many CS veterans among the speakers that told their stories covering both CS and CX.

Some highlights: Melissa Logothetis brought up the concept of a Success Plan, using it as the ultimate guide to understand your customers and lead them towards success. Hettie Holcroft from Oracle opened up about her personal career experience in dealing with crisis and overcoming what seemed like a dead end. Brandon Nivens at Zoom talked enthusiastically about the pre-sale to post-sale handover. And Chad Horenfeldt introduced their Client Health Check workflow. 

If these are not already enough, we did an interview with Slack’s Senior Customer Success Manager Brian Merz and asked the questions you are dying to know!

Retention is also a big part of how CS contributes to business value; Patrick Campbell unpacks retention strategies in SaaS businesses after consolidating lessons from over 18k companies.

Get out your compass. Get ready for the Customer Journey.

Customer Journey mapping is often the first task one would embark on when planning CX initiatives. Ian Golding takes us up a level to look at Customer Journey Management, the complete framework you need to ensure CX outcomes have a measurement system while internal organizational requirements are fulfilled.

Jim Tincher discussed how to reduce customer effort and improve the customer journey to boost revenue plus save costs. 

Jason Boyce’s talk on customer-driven innovation is unique, as he suggests that product reviews can be used as the new focus group for market and user research.

Talia Wolf taps into the emotional triggers of outstanding customer experiences that foster high conversion rates

Employee Experience ties closely with Customer Experience

Surely if you’re a company looking to improve the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, you would think about the well-being of your employees. Gabriela Ciupitu thinks the key to building a customer-centric business model sits in the way the organization connects and engages their employees. 

Claire Boscq-Scott continues on the same path. In her talk, you can get more solid instructions on measuring employee happiness as well as how to create a vision to steer employees towards customer-centricity.  

Breaking down silos with Marketing & Growth 

In our recent State of CX 2020 Report, 53% of the companies made it clear that the Marketing department is working on CX-related activities. So, it cannot be ignored that Marketing has its role to play in the Customer Experience game.

Ross Simmonds presented a framework to research and understand audiences across multiple industries, and the unorthodox ways to uncover content-user fit.

Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, is engineering the Voice of Customers within their social media topic wheel.

Also, Ashley Cheng shared customer-centric market research methods and how to scale feedback for product growth

Your journey to customer-centric growth is just taking off

Wow, what a lot of content! We get it, and to make it digestible, we made replays accessible for you to watch and rewatch at your own pace for an extra month. It’s also still possible to share the event with your friends and colleagues. Creating a customer-centric company or product is not a one-man-job!

“Great talks for those who are passionate about user experience and customer journey.”

feedack from a Customer Success Manager in the IT industry, USA

For those who already managed to work through all the talks, fanfastic! We’re excited for you to begin your own customer-centric growth adventure. 

If networking is in your interest, we have built a dedicated community for CX professionals to exchange experiences and knowledge. Come over to the Feedback Tribe today! 

Or subscribe to our monthly newsletter for additional content on UX, CX and feedback loops tooltips.

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