[Webinar] Breaking department silos to build great Customer Experience

Feedback Tribe Webinar - Break department silos to build great CX

Are your CX efforts not showing impact? Is your team working on customer journeys alone? Oh-uh.

Great customer experience can not be built by single departments, teams need to learn how to collaborate on CX initiatives together. We brought on 3 department leaders from 3 highly customer-centric organizations to talk in this panel.

Who are the panelist?

Harriet Kaufman, Principle Customer Success Manager at Mixpanel. Harriet will dive into tracking customer LUV, a customer value metric invented by their teams, and how to create alignment across departments.

Barbara Stewart, Marketing & CX consultant at Hiya Marketing. Barbara will reveal insights on how to differentiate channel tactics to the CX vision.

Haymo Meran, Head of  Product Management at Usersnap. Haymo will tell the wholesome story of transforming processes, even the techy ones, into customer-centric experiences.

What’s the agenda?

We will kick off by each panelist sharing what customer-centricity looks like for their department. Then we have 3 topics to discuss:

  • CX challenges for each department
  • Successful cross-functional CX strategies
  • How to track and measure CX

Finally closing off with Q&A.

Let’s break silos and CX bottlenecks

To watch the replay of the webinar, join the Feedback Tribe today. All panelists are in the community so feel free to talk to them!

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