A new experience on Usersnap: adding more context and improving efficiency for user feedback workflows

Migration from classic to platform

“Phew” is what your users say when they realize it’s that easy to take a screenshot of a bug. But can you win customers’ hearts with “phew”? Or do you need a “wow”?

The new Usersnap widget and project templates are here to boost your “wow” levels by making user feedback more versatile and adding research value to help you make wiser product decisions. 

Let’s enter the new era of feedback-driven software development 💪

Top 3 reasons to get on the new platform

We wouldn’t be hassling you to move to the new widgets if we don’t have some major enhancements. So allow us to point out 3 major benefits for you and your team(s) to improve your feedback process and expand feedback use cases.

Or if you’re already convinced, then jump directly to the next chapter How to migrate existing projects

1. Screen recording

Video record your screen flows and click chains to communicate issues faster and better. Don’t let me talk about how to use this feature, let the screen recording tell you!

2. Linking projects

Build a feedback sequence to maximize the interaction with your users – right after hitting “send” on the first widget, you can display another feedback form with follow-up questions. It’s a great moment to invite users for interviews, beta programs or to rate NPS.

Usersnap project linking feature - new widgets on new platform

3. Menu widget

We have to admit sometimes we are like that grandma whose love language is food, so she overfeeds the grandchildren whenever they visit. We want our users to have all the channels possible to get the help they need, but end up cluttering the UI with a chatbot, feedback button, and notification slide-ins. 

To avoid this problem, you can use the feedback menu widget to host your feedback projects, support chat, help page, and many other options. 

Usersnap menu widget - new project

How to migrate existing projects

We are planning to phase out the legacy projects on the classic platform by the end of 2021. And we highly recommend moving to the new project types to try out the new platform as early as possible. And don’t worry, it’s an easy process. (Basically, you only need to say “yes I do!” ❤️)

What does migration mean?

Err how we hate jargon… we’re very sorry to drop this word on you. Migration is essentially copying and paste. We will export your tickets, create a new project and import them there. And we will give you the additional project quota to keep both projects if your account is at the limit.

What you need to do is just these 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Go into the project you wish to export and copy the Project API Key.

Usersnap Classic - legacy project

Step 2

Click on the Help & Feedback button, select Migration request form, and paste your project API key.

Usersnap migration form - change to the new widget and projects by December 2021

Step 3

Our support team will reach out shortly to confirm with you the project or projects we will transfer. Then, our developers will get cracking at it. Please expect a few days or so for us to complete the process. And you will hear from our support team again once it’s ready!

For privacy reasons, there are some settings you will need to re-configure in the new project:

  • Integrations: The new project will by default be not connected to any 3rd party integrations. You can easily reconnect the tools in the integrations tab.
  • Display URLs: if you have set restrictions of URLs for your widget, this would also need to be added to the new settings. In the Configuration tab, go to Display > Path Targeting to limit where you want your widget to show. 
  • Replacing the code on your website/app: Since the new project is independent from the existing old project, you will have a new Usersnap snippet code. To start running the new project, just like before, you need to place the new snippet on your website or app and remove the old code.

Lastly, when you see the feedback items in the new project, the previous activity log will be partially incomplete. You can rest assured that the state of the feedback items and comments remains and are 100% identical. Only the timestamps of the labels and item closing dates are not visible.

In other words, if a feedback item had a label, was assigned to a member, and was marked closed, in the new project it will keep the label and assignee and stay closed, just the notes in the activity log will be left behind.

Upcoming features in the summer

Public upvote feedback portal (= guest access 2.0)

The guest access feature will soon be supported for new projects as well. The brand new design of the feedback list will keep users more engaged. Upvoting feedback items will be one of the additional advanced functionalities.

Saved feedback filters 

Similar to the lists on Classic, you will be able to sort feedback items and save specific filters for viewing feedback lists in the ways you prefer. 

Watch this space for updates or subscribe here to get notified and join the early-bird program!

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Other new features on Usersnap – only for the new platform

Yes, there are more than 3 new features on our new platform. See what you’ve been missing out on 🙊

More custom fields

Get the information you need from your users as they submit the issue to speed up the troubleshoot and resolution time. If you need to know their job role or get consent to access their account, save an extra round of email back and forth by adding this field to your widget.

Usersnap new widget configuration


A screenshot can save 100 words, I think any Usersnap customer would nod to this analogy. Now you can save 200 words by using the attachment field to include an additional image or video to the ticket. 

Usersnap attachments - new project

Design customizations

The new widget allows even more customization, you can change the feedback button position and font. All the text on the feedback form can be written in your own words to suit what and how you want to speak with your users.

For Enterprise plans, you can add your own logo in the header section, alter the colors, and remove the powered by Usersnap link.

Usersnap widget design customization - new project

Outro note

Saying thank you is important, any well-mannered child would agree, but adding value is even more important, any product manager would agree 😛. You may customize the outro thank-you-note to share a product update, link to your public roadmap, or use your brand’s favorite emoji to show the utmost sincere gratitude 🙏

Usersnap outro note - new project

One-click user feedback template

Many of you love our toolbar (sidenote: did you know you can select and arrange which annotation features you want on the toolbar?) But if you’re keener on a speedy UX, you can use the one-click templates to just drag-and-drop feedback.

See how Content Snare, a content collection and management tool, set up their user feedback use case.

Beta test introduction note

They’re also quite a lot of folks using our tool for beta testing, and now we have a special template just for you! Make sure your testers are sending in the right kind of feedback with a good introduction note.

Usersnap Beta Test - Intro Note

Statistics dashboard

Track how much feedback you have received, or adjust the date range to compare tickets count. And stay on top of what is most common with the labels chart, so you can prioritize your actions. No time to waste 🏃‍♂️💨

Usersnap statistics - new project

Features you love, where to find them

Project URL restriction

To run projects on specific URLs is now even easier. You only need to install the widget code once (Global snippet), then just go into the project’s configuration panel to set display paths.

Usersnap project URL restrictions and display rules - new project

Customer reply

Close the feedback loop easily by directly replying to customers in Usersnap’s dashboard. You can add attachments to your reply as well.

Usersnap customer reply feature - new project

Manual add screen

To manually add a saved screenshot from your computer to Usersnap’s feedback list is no longer possible. However, you can use the attachment feature on the widget or in the reply feature to post the image.


Adding, editing and changing labels for feedback items is way easier for new projects.

Usersnap labels - new project

Bulk editing

Each feedback item should be treated with unique love and respect, so for now bulk editing is not supported. However, the split-screen list view allows you to read and work through the feedback faster than before. 

If you are just looking to bulk send feedback to integrations, you can select Automatically send feedback to “integration” to get all feedback automatically in the designated place.

Usersnap integrations auto send - new project


The notification system for new projects is based on each project rather than the entire account. You can enjoy more flexibility in what you get notified on.

Usersnap notifications - new project


It’s just as easy to connect to the project management, CMS or code repository tools that you currently use. And we’ve onboarded new additions as well, say welcome to Microsoft Teams and Zapier (and the other 2,000 integrations made possible via Zapier) 🤗

Plus, now you can set up multiple integrations within the same project, allowing customer feedback to be forwarded and shared swimmingly through the company.

Here’s a comparison of available integrations for the legacy classic widget versus the new widget.

Classic (legacy)New Platform
Jira Cloud/Server✔️✔️
Microsoft Teams✔️
Azure DevOps✔️✔️
OthersActive Collab
Pivotal Tracker
Salesforce Desk
In total232000+ with Zapier

Up your feedback game with the new widget

We are improving our platform all the time by listening to your needs. The new projects and features are born out of your voices. And we hope this transition can happen smoothly. Legacy projects and the classic platform will fade out in early 2022.

If you still have any questions or would like to talk to us, please feel free to reach out anytime. And if you’re ready to join the 40% of our customer base in using the new project types, let’s go! 🚀

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