Best 21 UX Research Tools in 2024

Selecting the right UX research tools transforms how product managers, CPOs, and product designers tackle the complex field of user experience (UX) design.

These tools streamline the path through team collaboration, deep user understanding, precise feedback collection, and the crucial task of feature prioritization. Navigating this process effectively means distinguishing between a product that meets the mark and surpasses expectations.

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Best 20 Web Application Testing Tools in 2024

Are you experiencing delays and setbacks in your product development process due to ineffective bug-reporting methods? Selecting the best website application testing tools is crucial for crafting superior software products, enhancing the testing process, and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Embrace solutions that expedite workflow and economize resources, eliminating the usual stressors plaguing development projects. The right web testing tools play a pivotal role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the development process.

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16 Best Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Software

In today’s market, product managers and CPOs can access a wide range of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) software tools.

However, selecting the right tool can be daunting as it should match the company’s objectives, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and provide robust analytics. 

Practical enterprise feedback management software tools do more than collect feedback. They help businesses identify areas for improvement, evaluate customer satisfaction levels, and make adequate adjustments to their products or services. 

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15 Best Product Discovery Tools 2024

In today’s product management space, finding the right tools to navigate the complexities of the product discovery process is crucial.

For product managers, CPOs, and CTOs, the challenge isn’t just about generating ideas but efficiently validating and refining them to meet market needs.

The right product discovery tools make all the difference, offering robust solutions for gathering insights, prioritizing opportunities, and aligning team efforts. As we head into 2024, the demand for tools that streamline these processes and enhance product understanding has never been more critical. 

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Best 16+1 Usability Testing Tools 2024

For Product Managers and Developers, selecting the right, usability testing platform and tool isn’t just a task; it’s a crucial step in shaping your product’s success.

Imagine this: you’re crafting an experience meant to resonate with users, but if your tool needs to capture their behavior, preferences, and pain points effectively, you might be steering in the dark. 

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Best 15+6 UAT testing tools (2024)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is important for more agile software development teams.

It’s the last stage in the software development life cycle, and it ensures every product meets the requirements and designations of the users.

However, as pivotal as it is, it’s frequently harassed by challenges, underscoring the quintessential role of having adept UAT testing tools.

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How To Use Jira Product Discovery in 4 Steps

With an outcome-based discovery approach, Jira Product Discovery (JPD) equips teams to prioritize topics that deliver tangible value, ensuring that they are not just ticking off items on a to-do list but truly contributing to the product’s success. 

Unlike Jira Software, which is adept at tracking and managing development tasks, JPD fosters stakeholder alignment and strategic planning.

This capability is pivotal in averting the “feature factory” phenomenon; as Tanguy Crusson, Head of JPD, says, “Roadmaps should focus on why and not just what and when.”

For those new to the platform, we want to offer our real example of using Jira Product Discovery over the past quarters as guidance on maximizing the benefits of this powerful tool.

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