Bug Tracking explained in 7 funny GIFs

bug tracking gifs

Every software has some bugs. We as developers have to deal with that fact. And no matter how hard we try, errors creep into projects.

We talk a lot about the topic of bug tracking (also on this blog). But today, we’d like to bring some fun in here. So we collected some of the best & most funny GIFs explaining the topic of bug tracking.


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What is a bug report?

If you’re interested in serious information in the area of bug tracking, I’d recommend reading this article on “what a bug report is” as a starting point.

If you’re here for fun, please read on.

When first bug reports from your testers are dropping in.

And you manage to fix those bugs just before release

(source: http://thecodinglove.com/post/144544792186/when-i-fix-a-critical-bug-just-before-release)

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But then your software totally crashes…

…and your team just wants to go home.

You know that the solution won’t work, but your boss still asks you to try it.

(source: http://thecodinglove.com/post/144245251587/when-i-know-that-a-solution-will-not-work-and-they)

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Finally, you manage to fix the bug Just before deadline

(Source: http://thecodinglove.com/post/144603135144/fixing-bugs-before-deadline)

An absolute must-have for every bug tracking project


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