Top 25 Website Feedback Widgets 2023

Imagine a SaaS company that has personally engaged with up to 50% of its users—unprecedented, right?

Well, prepare to be amazed, because at Usersnap, we’ve achieved this remarkable feat using a simple feedback widget for websites, apps, and products. In fact, over half of our customers have eagerly shared their feedback through our widget, and our power users consistently contribute 2-5 feedback items every quarter without any prompting.

In this article, you will check the updated list of tools what are offering those widgets and you will also understand how this little thing can be added to your web or mobile applications.

For a SaaS product to grow and stay relevant (or any company’s growth, for that matter), you need to have a constant stream of customer feedback on the website and in-app.

However, it’s way easier said than done. We will share with you how you can set up interactive widgets on websites and how to increase engagement for feedback sections on websites.

By the end of this read, you will be ready to create a feedback button with a template.

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How AI Transforms User Feedback Analysis

Introduction: Why AI can be a game changer in analyzing your users’ feedback

In today’s digital era, or let’s call it the AI era, all areas of our life will be impacted by the new developments and opportunities that artificial intelligence is offering. But let’s focus on customer feedback first. User feedback and its analysis play a vital role in shaping and improving digital products. With the constant influx of data, manually analyzing and categorizing user feedback can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

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How to Capture or Record Video from Website for Feedback [Tips & Tools]

If you’re searching for a tool to capture or record video from a website to improve your support process, then most likely this is how your users typically send a question/complaint:

They find your “support@email” and write something vague, like: “My web page loads funny and slow.”

You ask for more details; they reply back a few days. After 3 or 4 back-and-forths, the culprit turns out to be nothing more than the customer’s buggy add-on.

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6 Ways to Collect Product Feedback from Web Customers

You’ve just launched your new product or you just finished building a new website, and now you wonder what your customers think about those changes. You need product feedback, but can’t get it yet. We know the struggle.

Also, can customer feedback really provide insights to help your company propel itself into product-led growth?

Let’s see 6 ways you can approach this challenge.
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